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These are the episodes of The Timmy and Jimmy Power Series.

Random! Cartoons Pilot

# Title Airdate Overview Code
0 Timmy and Jimmy December 28, 2008 Timmy finds out that the people of Retroville are trapped in Dimmsdale. 000

Season 1

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 The Day Dimmsdale Meets Retroville / UltraFan February 21, 2009 The Day Dimmsdale Meets Retroville: All of the people in Retroville are teleported to Dimmsdale.
UltraFan: Sheen wants to see Ultra Lord, and Poof wishes him a Ultra Monster-Lord. Meanwhile, Timmy and Jimmy are being chased by Vicky.
2 It's Cosmo's Complication / Shirley Returns February 23, 2009 It's Cosmo's Complication: Cosmo creates a movie about Jimmy as a robot called The Attack of The-Wand-Tron!. Meanwhile, Carl gets super powers!
Shirley Returns: Shirley, from The Jerkinators, returns and fights Dark Laser.
3 The Legacy of Superbaby / 12th Birthday February 24, 2009 The Legacy of Superbaby: Poof becomes a superhero. Meanwhile, The N Men are back!
12th Birthday: It's Jimmy's 12th birthday. Meanwhile, Vicky plots to ruin it.
4 Big Daddies / Wishinghood of Traveling Llamas February 28, 2009 Big Daddies: Wanda invites her father over for dinner, but Sheen accidentally wishes for his father to be huge!
Wishinghood of Traveling Llamas: Everyone goes on a roadtrip, and Carl travels on a llama. Title reference to the 2005 movie, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.
5 Space Attacked / Sheen's Awesome Party March 7, 2009 Space Attacked: Zix, Travoltron, and Tee attack Dimmsdale for revenge.
Sheen's Awesome Party: Sheen throws a party, and didn't expect Professor Calamitous to come.
6 A Sit-cho-ation / W.O.W. May 30, 2009 A Sit-cho-ation: Cosmo ends up with the cold and all the sneezing causes destruction!
W.O.W.: Crocker and Calamitous create the W.O.W. (Wrong on Wednesdays).

Season 2

TBA 'till July 22, 2011. The Revival Of This Series Will Return In June 6, 2011.

Season 3

TBA 'till July 22, 2011

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