List of the Episodes from The Plum Blob.

Season 1

EPISODE NAME                           AIR DATE

Slimy Pliot June 13th 2011 (Nick TV- June 7th 2011)
First Gooey Mission June 14th 2011 (Nick TV- June 8th 2011)
Town Meeting June 15th 2011 (Nick TV- June 8th 2011)
Funny Stuff June 16th 2011 (Nick TV- June 8th 2011)
Inflata Blob June 17th 2011 (Nick TV- June 8th 2011)
Silly Spotty June 18th 2011 (Nick TV- June 9th 2011)
Queen Blue June 19th 2011 (Nick TV- June 9th 2011)
Triple Trouble June 20th 2011 (Nick TV- June 10th 2011)
Super Dotty June 22nd 2011 (Nick TV- June 11th 2011)
Fling's Bad Luck June 23rd 2011 (Nick TV- June 12th 2011)
Monster Tink June 24th 2011 (Nick TV- June 13th 2011)

Spot Spotty

June 25th 2011 (Nick TV- June 14th 2011)
The Black Blob June 25th 2011 (Nick TV- June 15th 2011)
Good Mistress June 26th 2011 (Nick TV- June 16th 2011)
Creepy Slimy Halloween June 27th 2011 (Nick TV- June 17th 2011)
Pay That Blob June 28th 2011 (Nick TV- June 18th 2011)
Raggedy Ant June 29th 2011 (Nick TV- June 18th 2011)
The Spotty Show June 30th 2011 (Nick TV- June 19th 2011)
The Other Blobs June 31th 2011 (Nick TV- June 20th 2011)
Moldy Blob July 1st 2011 (Nick TV- June 21st 2011)
Annoying Fling July 2nd 2011 (Nick TV- June 22th 2011)
Tink's Big Lost (1 hour) July 5th 2011 (Nick TV- July 20th 2011)

Season 2

Spotty's Play July 26th 2011 (Nick TV July 15th 2011)
Invasion of the black snatchers July 27th 2011 (Nick TV July 16th 2011)
Evil Fling July 28th 2011 (Nick TV July 17th 2011)
Red Flame's gets the groove Augest 1st 2011 (Nick TV July 18th 2011)
Run Away Tail Augest 2nd 2011 (Nick TV July 19th 2011)
The Small Plum Blob Augest 3rd 2011 (Nick TV July 20th 2011)
Santa in Danger November 30th 2011 (Nick TV December 1st 2011)
Mistress Sister September 1st 2011 (Nick TV Augest 30th 2011)
Awful Date September 2nd 2011 (Nick Tv September 1st 2011)
Back To School...Again? September 7th 2011 (Nick TV September 2nd 2011)
Big Fling September 11th 2011 (Nick TV September 5th 2011)
The Return of Super Dotty Spetember 12th 2011 (Nick TV Spetember 6th 2011)
Water Heated Pool Spetember 13th 2011 (Nick TV 7th Spetember 2011)
Spotty's Big Eat Out Spetember 14th 2011 (Nick TV 8th Spetember 2011)
The Horrible Mr. Bunny Wuggle Spetember 15th 2011 (Nick TV 9th Spetember 2011)
The Yellow Blob on Duty September 16th 2011 (Nick TV 10th Spetember 2011)
Back to the Past Spetember 20th 2011 (Nick TV 14th Spetember 2011)
Blob Town into Zombies

Spetember 21st 2011 (Nick TV 15th Spetember 2011)

Spotty's Nightmare Part 1 Spetember 22nd 2011 (Nick TV 16th Spetember 2011)
Spotty's Nightmare Part 2 Spetember 25th 2011 (Nick TV 17th Spetember 2011)

Season 3

Fling will be voiced by Will Ferrell. From the last episode in Season 2 episode called Spotty's Nightmare. Spotty Past over 7 episodes and comes back in the 8th episode in season 3. A New Blob Slam & Sing (The Purple Blob) Slam is Voice By Emily Newcombe & Sing is Voice By Alex Kelly

Villains Award October 1st 2011 (Nick TV September 29th 2011)
Fat Monsterous made out of cake P.C Blobby October 2nd 2011 (Nick TV September 30th 2011)
Purple Like October 3rd 2011 (Nick TV Spetember 30th 2011)
Bubble Trouble October 4th 2011 (Nick TV October 1st 2011)
Mind Control October 5th 2011 (Nick TV October 2nd 2011)
Growing Big Pains October 6th 2011 (Nick TV October 3rd 2011)
The Bad Problem August 9, 2011 (Both Networks)
Help! I'm a Human August 15th 2011 (Both Networks)
Stupid Fling August 19, 2011 (Nick TV August 9, 2011)
Black Fun Fair August 23rd 2011 (Both Network)
Spy Blob August 19, 2011 (Both Networks)
Framed! October 7th 2011 (Both Networks)
Sweet Prince October 8th 2011 (Both Networks)
The Strong Plum Blob October 9th 2011 (Both Networks)
Were-Weevil October 25th 2011 (Both Networks)
King Fling Novemeber 11th 2011 (Both Network)
Dream Stealer November 13th 2011 (Both Network)
Movey and Shakey December 15th 2011 (Both Network)
Flame On! December 21th 2011 (Both Network)
Slimy Musical Janurary 1st 2012 (Nick TV December 25, 2011)

Season 4

A new blob, Blarf & Frank (The Orange Blob) will appear & will be voiced by Frank Welker (Blarf) & Tom Kane (Frank). And only for season 4, Fling will have a mustache.

Spotty's Big Stakeout Janrary 2nd 2012 (Both Networks)
Ballet Dotty Janrary 3rd 2012 (Both Networks)
Attack Of The 50 ft. Blobby Janurary 4th 2012 (Both Networks)
Tink's Birthday Janurary 5, 2012 (Both Networks)
FLINGED!!! Janurary 6, 2012 (Both Networks)
What Just Happend? Janurary 7, 2012 (Both Networks)
Super Duper Hyper Metal Go-Blob Janurary 8, 2012 (Both Networks)
Koty Is Krazy Janurary 9, 2012 (Both Networks)
Uh-Oh! Janurary 10, 2012 (Both Networks)
Slimy Finale Janurary 10, 2012 (Both Networks)


Legends of The Curse Trilogy

Part 1: In Blob Town an old person said to give some blobs for her house and P.C blobby dismiss it and take blob town a curse and Tink & Fling has to stop but its too powerful and Blob Town has a war for that curse.

Part 2: its not just blob town its the colour planets in danger the villains has to team up with the plum blob so that can lift the curse.

Part 3: an giant villain named Shadows who is really the old person and Tink & Fling and the villains must stop it now and then Tink & Fling will fight the villains again in the end.

Part 1: November 1st 2011 (Augest 15th 2011 Nick TV)

Part 2: November 5th 2011 (Augest 17th 2011 Nick TV)

Part 3: November 10th 2011 (Augest 22nd 2011 Nick TV)

Slimy Christmas Christmas Episode! December 25th 2011

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