These are the episodes for The Patrick Show .

(Only Wario,Bagel,MattBoo, and Rob can make episodes.)
309px-Patrick Star.svg


Season 1

1. What's A Pilot?: Patick and SpongeBob go on vacation, but Patrick actidently falls in a pit and makes some new friends. (Airdate: 7-1-12)

2. Fight!: Mugget challenges Patrick to a wrestling match. (Airdate: 7-4-12)

3. Bad Guys on Sunday Mornin': Plankton's evil russian cousin Drake von Plankton falls in "The Pit",and tries to take over!(Airdate: 7-11-12)

4. Birthday: It's Charline's birthday,so the crew try to throw a great party for her.(Airdate: 7-18-12)

5. Jellyfishing Academy: TBA

6. Meet Mindy(AGAIN): TBA

7. The Patrick Chronicles: Patrick tells stories.(8-9-12)

8. Kung-Fu Patrick: TBA

9. Patrick Says: TBA

10. TBA

11. TBA

12. TBA

13. TBA

14. TBA

15. TBA

16. TBA

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