These are episodes of The Mystic Knights.

Season 1

Scene Episode no. Episode name Airdate Description
The Knights Enter the Magic Realm
1 Enter the Mystic Knights January 6, 2007 The evil of The Magic Realm has came back and wants revenge on Koragg the Knight Wolf for sealing them up. On Earth, Home of the Humans, 5 teenagers find a that's crooked, then it magically let's them to go through it and enters the Magic Realm. Now they must believe in magic to transform into the Mystic Knights.
The Master With Swords
2 Believe in the Magic January 6, 2007 After receiving the Mystic Transformers, The Master rises and sends out Olxes. When they are under attack, they believe in magic and transforms and destroys the Oxles.
Heros 4 Hire
3 Help January 13, 2007 The Master summons a Griffin to attack the Knights. The only way to defeat the Griffin is to summon creatures called "Mystic Creatures". Nick has a Phoenix, Chip has a Garuda, Madison has a Mermaid, Vida has a Sprite, and Xander has a Minotaur. Then they formed the Wizard Robot and defeated the Griffin.