Season One (2007-2008)

  1. TEH INTERWEBS! A scientest invents an internet-based robot who turns out to be LOLbot. TV-14-LSV
  2. Virus LOLbot gets Spyshredder while going to a triple-X website. TV-14-DLS
  3. BSOD LOLbot gets a Blue Screen Of Death, and malfunctions. so he undergoes OSChange (Robot equivalent to Sex Changes) to get rid of it. TV-14-DLS
  4. DVD's LOLBot gets a DVD Drive. TV-14 DLV

5. The Worst Episode EVER! LOLbot makes a hit TV show that critics hate, so the critics set out to murder LOLbot. TV-14-DSLV

6. Robits LOLbot gets a malfunction and dies, but gets a new body called "The Robit". TV-14-LV

7. supercalafragalisticxbalidotious LOLbot's wires get damaged, and he gets traumatized the whole way through. TV-14 LV

8. U MUST HAZ KITTEHS! Cats take over the world. TV-14-DSLV

9. Origins LOLbot finds the startling truth of his origins. TV-14-DLV (NOTE: this episode was emotional)

10. Beer, Blood and Sex LOLbot becomes the new 007. TV-14-DLSV

11. On your marks, get set, DON'T! LOLbot protests against racing, but fails. TV-14-DLV

12. Back_In_---Time LOLbot finds a time machine and does "Drunk Science", meanwhile getting trapped in 1960 with tons of hippies, so he seeks a way back. TV-14-DL


Season Two (2008-2009)

  1. LOLbot V.S Censorship LOLbot gets a job at the MPAA. TV-14-DLV
  2. LOLbot V.S Censorship Part II Part two of "LOLbot VS Censorship" TV-14-DLS
  3. LOLbot VS the FCC LOLbot's favorite TV show was over-Censored by the FCC. TV-14-LSV
  4. LOLbot VS the ESRB LOLbot wants to buy Call of Duty Whythehellareyoubuyingthesamesh*talloverandoveragain Ops 2, but the ESRB has changed to make rated M for Mature "25+", but LOLbot clearly sees "17+" on the box art of the game, LOLbot is dissappointed, because he is only 21. TV-14-DLV
  5. LOLbot V.S the ESRB, FCC and MPAA The FCC, MPAA and the ESRB hunt down LOLbot for his false Ratings. THE EPIC CONCLUSION TO THE CENSORSHIP SAGA! TV-14-DLSV

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