This is a list of episodes for The Joe & Lou Ultimate Show. New episodes premiere every Wenesday at 8pm.

Series overview

Season Episodes Year(s) Premiere Date Finale Date
1 23 2014 March 12, 2014 August 13, 2014


Season 1

# Title Airdate Summary
1 Time Begins Now March 12, 2014 Joe and Lou play their video games as they soon discover a map to the missing stone hidden in Doodleville somewhere. They try to explain how this stone, as she tells both of the about the ledgend of the missing stone. "I think we should go find it," replied Joe.

After they head out of the house to find it, they discover the. Flower and Cupcake are in trouble, as they are being mind-controlled by many robots. And yet, there were more than 25 robots near the two girls, preparing to fight. So Joe, Lou, and Crystal try to defeat these robots, by knocking them out, scenseless. However, after defeating the robots, they all find it shocking that both Flower and Cupcake are still at it, saying, "Join us."

After trying to calm them down, they soon get weak. Joe gets his interface in his mind, telling him what's happening around them, especialy how this chaos had first started. Joe asks him (or himself) on how he can stop it. The only way was to defeat Mr. Fire, Crystal's father.

After he wakes up, Lou, Crystal, Flower, and Cupcake stand next to him, seeing if he's still alive. "He's alright!" cried Flower.

"What happened?"

"You were all weak," said Cupcake.

After talking about how they would of lost him forever, Crystal picks him up and says, "Come on. We better get a move on."

As they move along, Mr. Fire watches them on his big screen with his minion, Spike. He gets all angry about how they stopped his robots and how they took the stone. "I SHALL GET MY REVENGE, EVEN WHEN I FAIL!"

2 My Sister the Agent: Part I March 19, 2014 After, seeking for the stone, Joe dreamt about how they could save the universe due to the fact that they now have control with the power. Later, during his dream, he finds his sister Jojo as she is practicing on how to be a clever agent and how to fight. She then finds out there are more robots in the dark. More than 300 of them, at least. Now he, Jojo, and his team try to fight them all, but easily get defeated in minutes. Mr. Fire's evil laugh can be heard in the background.

Joe wakes up, all scared, and tries to wake his friends up. He told everyone that he had another nightmare about if they were gonna get killed easily. All that Crystal could think about is that they were together... no matter what.

Later at 7:12 A.M., Joe wakes up by her sister next to his bed, freakin' out. "How did you get in so quietly? I didn't hear walk in!"

Jojo explains that she is joining the team. She wants to destroy Mr. Fire in order to keep the city in peace.

Joe then gives out a sigh, welcoming her aboard, and inviting her into the team.

We then cut to Mr. Fire at his desk, watching Joe and the rest of his team getting ready for action. "This is stupid, really. I mean why would they have the stone in the first place?"

Then he thought about hiring one of his minions to fight and force them to hand over the stone that first laid in the city.

"I think I shall hire Robo8000. He should destroy those fools." So he sends Robo8000 out to the world to destroy Joe and his team.

Later, we see the team at Robot Mountain. Joe then tried opening the door with an axe, then with a lazer gun, then with Lou, as he says, "Don't even think about it!" Crystal then had an idea. She levitates in the air, firing her beam at the door. And it worked.

They enter inside the mountain, finding clues on how they are getting on to the right track.

"NONE SHALL PASS!" Said a robotic voice.

They soon discover that Robo8000 had appeared in the room and gets ready to destroy every single one of the members. Can they defeat Robo8000? Or will they surrender.... forever?

NOTE: Jojo makes her first appearence into the series.

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