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This is a list of episodes of The Epic Animals

Season Episodes Year(s) Premiere Date Finale Date DVD Release Date
Season One 16 1998-1999 September 4, 1998 February 5, 1999 May 29, 2000
Season Two 19 1999-2000 May 28, 1999 January 7, 2000 October 30, 2001
Season Three 16 2000-2001 June 16, 2000 February 2, 2001 June 25, 2002
Season Four 17 2001-2002 June 15, 2001 January 4, 2002 August 12, 2003
Season Five 17 2002-2003 May 17, 2002 January 3, 2003 November 30, 2004
Season Six 16 2003-2004 July 18, 2003 March 5, 2004 May 30, 2005
Season Seven 15 2004-2005 September 3, 2004 June 24, 2005 March 7, 2006

Season 1 (1998-1999)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
1 How to be Heroic/Diane In the series premiere episode, the trio try to make a lasting impression on the citizens of Illinois by thwarting a bank robbery. However, when they discover that the situation is already being handled by Testosterone Man, the trio find themselves attempting to thwart his plan as well as the robbery/In one of their daily attempts to thwart a criminal, the trio inadvertently bump into a teenage girl recording footage of the city, and accidentally break her camera. As they apologize to the girl, they offer their help in recreating the footage she lost, which, per the norm, causes mass destruction and chaos, though they begin to form a bond with her as she tells details of her past whilst they recreate footage. September 4, 1998
2 Hero Gallery/Woes of a Narrator TBA September 4, 1998
3 Sumo Suplex/The Patriot TBA September 11, 1998
4 On the Edge/Gadgets and Unibrows TBA September 18, 1998
5 Audience Feedback/Family Man TBA/Catnip discovers that one of the most famous villains within Illinois, John Doe, who vanished over 20 years ago, is now living amongst the regular citizens of the city, has a wife and three children and is seemingly a reformed man who has no more villainous intent. Deeply suspicious of this, Catnip invites the heroes and villains of Illinois to a "wholesome family dinner", and drags Doe along for the ride in an attempt to expose him. September 25, 1998
6 Doomsday Device/Three Villains and a Baby Arch-Nemesis Man successfully constructs a doomsday device, capable of bringing pure destruction to the Earth. However, when he discovers that other villains have built one of their own, he seeks to sabotage them so he can be the true harbinger of Earth's destruction/TBA October 2, 1998
7 Super Suit Struggle/Sun and Mooning Feeling that that the team needs an iconic symbol in order to become popular and well-liked, Catnip tells Squirmer to design super-powered suits for them to wear. Once he does, however, a villain steals one of them and begins to mass-produce them for everyone in the city to wear, causing destruction and anarchy/TBA October 9, 1998
8 The Disappearance of Fred Freef/Power Source TBA November 6, 1998
9 Minimum Security Super Villain Containment Facility/B-Movie TBA November 13, 1998
10 Sultry Success/Rise of the Salesman TBA November 20, 1998
11 Old Man Superman/Fatered The trio accientally encounter a former superhero by the name of Hugh Jass, who lives in an isolated cave outside of town. Wanting to get back into the crime-fighting business, he convinces the trio to retrieve an item that will restore his powers: the Declaration of Independence/After a string of bad ocurrences begin happening to Diane, Catnip theorizies that "fate hates her for her many sins" and convinces her that crime-fighting is the only way to reverse it November 27, 1998
12 Super Restraining Order/Right on the Money Mayor T, tired of the chaos and anarchy caused by heroes' bitter hatred and rivalry of eachother, officially declares a restraining order on them. Now that every hero is separated, this forces the gang to split up from eachother, which oddly causes even more chaos in their crime fighting crusade/ December 4, 1998
13 American Hurl/Vacation Everyone in Illinois becomes ill with a stomach virus, which is then revaled to later on turn citizens into destruction-craving maniacs. Before they meet the same fate, the trio team up with Squirmer in order to find a cure for it/The trio begin their daily routine of fighting crime, only to find that every hero and villain has taken a 7-day vacation. While this pleases Fred and Cotton, Catnip still has the thirst for crime-fighting, and causes general panic and chaos in order quench his thirst. December 18, 1998
14 The Car/69 Hours As the heroes of Illinois begin driving in technologically advanced vehicles and overall stopping crimes faster, the trio ask Squirmer to develop a car for them. When the car is built and the trio begin to use it, however, they become addicted to speed and adrenaline, which horribly damages Illinois/TBA January 1, 1999
15 In Your Dreams/The Belt A mysterious entity begins attacking the dreams of Illinois citizens, including heroes and villains. Per the norm, the trio attempt to solve this issue, only to discover that the entity is coming from Cotton's own mind/Catnip discovers that his trademark belt, which he assumed was "fashionable but useless", is transmitting energy into him, which in turn is giving him various super powers. Soon enough, he becomes corrupt with power and turns away from the heroic life he once fought for. January 8, 1999
16 Area 52/A Girl and Her ___ TBA February 5, 1999

Season 2 (1999-2000)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
17 The Large Lebowski/Man of Steal May 29, 1999
18 Mayor Wear and Tear/Family Matters Mayor T seeks the trio's help in the upcoming election for mayor of Illinois, as he discovers that the candidate he's running against is an undercover supervillain/ June 5, 1999
19 Goatee Yourself/Singin' Suklon TBA June 12, 1999
20 The Girl/Nickelfront TBA June 19, 1999
21 TBA June 26, 1999
22 TBA TBA July 3, 1999
23 Flashback to the Future/Captain Country TBA July 10, 1999
24 July 17, 1999
25 July 24, 1999
26 TBA July 31, 1999
27 Ōkina Inkei, Let's Go! Generic Anime Parody!/ Feeling that America is practically overrun with superheroes at this point, Catnip believes that they will have a more successful crime-fighting career in a different country, before finally settling on his homeland of Japan. After entering the country, however, they are hit hard with culture shock as they are forced to fight kaijus, large piloted robots, and tentacle monsters/ August 14, 1999
28 TBA August 21, 1999
29 Cools and Regulations/Je Suis TBA September 18, 1999
30 How to Break Reality/Prime Time A reality-warping villain named Seinfeld loses his trademark magical staff in a scuffle between the trio. While experimenting with it, they discover that they can use it to chanage reality to their liking. While messing with the staff, however, they end up losing it in the new reality they have created/ October 16, 1999
31 The True Meaning of Fear TBA October 23, 1999
32 TBA TBA December 11, 1999
33 Sega Genesis Evangelion/Luchador Liam TBA December 18, 1999
34 Hero Quiz/Cops and Robbers and Super Beings The trio awaken trapped in a dirty, run-down building which gives the appearance of a game show. The trap is revealed to be set up the notorious Harvey Steve, a deranged villain-wannabe who has an obsession with game shows and has been stalking various heroes for months. He tells the trio that in order to escape, they must participate in a live event where they must answer various questions about the heroes that populate the city/After discovering that Illinois no longer has a police force due to the activity of superheroes, the President issues an outright ban on them and forces Mayor T to start up a police force. Still seeking the thrill of crime-fighting, the trio disregard the new law and continue to fight crime, but end up becoming involved in a complicated situation between the police, a robbery, and an army of demons. January 1, 2000
35 Super Leauge Alliance Federation Union Squad Troop Gang of Heroes As a mysterious alien entity begins destroying large cities across the globe, the heroes of Illinois are relunctantly forced to drop their working-alone routine and join a team consisting of every other hero in town due to government meddling. As expected, every hero in town fails to cooperate with eachother, which infuriates the alien entity, who demands that they pose as an actual threat. January 8, 2000

Season 3 (2000-2001)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
36 Hero Awards Ceremony (That Totally Isn't Rigged) The citizens of Illinois set up an award ceremony for the various superheroes of the city, wanting to pay tribute to them and everything they do. At the ceremony, however, various heroes begin vanishing one by one with no trace, though nobody seems to notice except for the Epic Animals themselves. The trio investigate the ceremony and attempt to discover the reasoning behind this, but soon learn that the disappearances are being caused by a rouge hero, feeling rejected for not being invited. June 17, 2000
37 June 24, 2000
38 Fred in the Head

Through unforeseen circumstances, Fred is transported into the mindscape of of the city's most powerful villains, Bite Noire. While Catnip and Cotton team up with Squirmer in an attempt to get him out, Fred tries to use this opportunity to become a "conscious" for the villain, hoping to lead him out of his villainous lifestyle.

July 1, 2000
39 TBA July 8, 2000
40 TBA July 15, 2000
41 TBA TBA July 22, 2000
42 TBA July 29, 2000
43 November 11, 2000
44 November 18, 2000
45 Role Models/Diane and the And The TBA December 2, 2000
46 TBA TBA December 9, 2000
47 Fred Hates Christmas: A Musical Adventure TBA December 16, 2000
48 Absolutely Appalling BaconMahBoi A world famous critic reviews The Epic Animals and gives it a bad review. This causes people to stop watching the show and merchandise sales to be at an all-time low. Kingson ends up with $1 and one animator, a fourteen year-old intern, to animate the show. After the animation and budget becomes terrible, Fred, Cotton and Catnip, all now voiced by the intern, must find a way to make some more money to get the series back up to standards before they die of cancellation disease December 30, 2000
49 TBA January 6, 2001
50 TBA January 13, 2001
51 SuperLove/Mayor T's Pity Party TBA February 3, 2001

Season 4 (2001-2002)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
52 Don't Dahl/Opposites Attract The villains of Illinois become irritated by a newcomer villain known simply as Dahl, an annoying attention-seeker who never stops talking about himself and generally cramps the villain's threatening appearance. Desparate and out of options, the villains band together in an attempt to kick him out of Illinois/Fred awakens one day to find that everyone and everything in town has suddenly changed. Heroes are villains, villains are heroes and Mr. Narrator actually finds himself enjoying the show. He soon discovers he is trapped in an alternate universe, and that an opposite version of himself is roaming the streets in his own dimension. June 16, 2001
53 Parental Lock An unknown force nicknamed "Bowdlerization", angered that Mr. Narrator is narrating a "revolting and despicable burning garbage pile", removes him from the show and attempts to make it more family-friendly. This angers everyone in Illinois, prompting Squirmer to create a device that allows people to travel between their world and the "studio world" where the narrators reside. Using the device, the trio enter the studio world in an attempt to find the old narrator and return the essence of the show. June 23, 2001
54 June 30, 2001
55 TBA July 7, 2001
56 TBA July 14, 2001
57 TBA TBA July 28, 2001
58 TBA September 8, 2001
59 September 15, 2001
60 September 29, 2001
61 TBA November 3, 2001
62 How Bad Me Be?/Magic Mistake TBA November 17, 2001
63 TBA November 24, 2001
64 TBA TBA December 1, 2001
65 TBA December 15, 2001
66 TBA December 22, 2001
67 TBA TBA December 29, 2001
68 TBA TBA January 5, 2002

Season 5 (2002-2003)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
69 Multiply Me/Dream Masters TBA May 18, 2002
70 June 15, 2002
71 TBA June 29, 2002
72 TBA July 13, 2002
73 TBA July 13, 2002
74 TBA TBA July 20, 2002
75 TBA August 10, 2002
76 August 17, 2002
77 August 24, 2002
78 TBA August 31, 2002
79 TBA TBA September 7, 2002
80 TBA September 21, 2002
81 TBA TBA November 30, 2002
82 TBA December 14, 2002
83 TBA December 21, 2002
84 TBA TBA December 28, 2002
85 TBA TBA January 4, 2003

Season 6 (2003-2004)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
86 Creepy Murderous Austrian Cyborg/The Adventures of Bra Man TBA July 19, 2003
87 July 19, 2003
88 TBA July 19, 2003
89 TBA July 26, 2003
90 TBA August 15, 2003
91 TBA TBA August 22, 2003
92 TBA August 29, 2003
93 September 6, 2003
94 December 6, 2003
95 TBA December 13, 2003
96 TBA TBA December 20, 2003
97 TBA December 27, 2003
98 TBA TBA December 27, 2003
99 TBA February 21, 2004
100 One Hundred TBA February 28, 2004
101 TBA TBA March 6, 2004

Season 7 (2004-2005)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
102 TBA September 4, 2004
103 September 11, 2004
104 TBA September 18, 2004
105 TBA September 25, 2004
106 TBA October 2, 2004
107 TBA TBA October 9, 2004
108 TBA October 16, 2004
109 November 6, 2004
110 November 13, 2004
111 TBA February 12, 2005
112 TBA TBA February 19, 2005
113 TBA February 26, 2005
114 Super War, Part One TBA June 24, 2005
115 Super War, Part Two TBA June 24, 2005
116 Super War, Part Three TBA June 24, 2005

Shorts (1998-2005)


Shorts (2017-present)


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