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NOTE: The only people who may make episodes are Robilist, IAmBagel, HomestarSB9, MattBoo, Doug.scheer, and Collector1, and also JellyfishJam38

Another Note: All of the episodes titles starts with "Wicked"

Another Note: All episodes can ONLY be rated TV-Y7 or TV-Y7-FV.

Season 1

1: Wicked Travel: Pizza gets sent to the year 1750 after the world ends and meets Pickle, and they try to get away from Chef Mef. (Airdate: 6/2/12) (Rating: TV-Y7)

2: Wicked Love: Pizza falls in love with Butter Sauce, a girl that lives in the town. (Airdate: 6/5/12) (Rating: TV-Y7)

3: Wicked Street: The gang get lost in the streets on the city. Meanhwile, Chef Mef finds a missing dog. (Airdate: 6/12/12) (Rating: TV-Y7)

4: Wicked Cooking: Chef Mef kidnapps Pizza, Pickle, and Butter Sauce, so now Timmy One-Shoe, the most scared kid in town, must save them. (Airdate: 6/16/12) (Rating: TV-Y7-FV)

5: Wicked Meal: Chef Mef finds a new way to cook things, and attempts to cook Pizza with it. Meanwhile, Butter Sauce and Pizza go on a date. (Airdate: 6/23/12) (Rating: TV-Y7)

6: Wicked House: The gang build a house for them. Meanwhile, Pickle gets tricked by a monk to going to the worst part of the town. (Airdate: 6/28/12) (Rating: TV-Y7-FV)

7: Wicked Sauce: Butter Sauce tries to write a book. Meanwhile, Pickle gets lost in a forest (Airdate: 7/2/12) (Rating: TV-Y7)

8: Wicked TV: Pizza is tried of not having TV anymore, so he tries to invent TV. Meanwhile, Timmy One-Shoe has a bad dream about clowns. (Airdate:7/6/12) (Rating: TV-Y7-FV)

9: Wicked Color: Pizza tries to invent a new color. Meanwhile, Pickle tries to get a job as a doctor (Airdate: 7/13/12) (Rating: TV-Y7)

10: Wicked Cat: TBA (Airdate: 7/17/12) (Rating: TV-Y7)

11: Wicked Boss: Pizza gets addicted to the song "Like a Boss" and sings it all the time. Butter Sauce gets really annoyed with him. Meanwhile, Pickle goes on hunting trip. (7/20/12) (Rating: TV-PG-L)

Note: The version of "Like a Boss" played in the episode is the censored version because the original had swearing. This is also the ONLY episode that is rated TV-PG-L due to the song "Like a Boss"

Zuko is a beast Zim's Town

Zuko is a beast Zim's Town

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