All episodes begin with "Edy Takes Over"

Season 1

No. in series Title Parodies Plot Writer
1a Edy Takes Over His Pilot None Edy makes his own TV show. Hugh Duffy
1b Edy Takes Over Burger Thing Burger King Edy is bored, so he takes over Burger Thing Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliot
2a Edy Takes Over Your School School Edy decides to become the principal of Jewelsburg Elementary School
2b Edy Takes Over Rodeos Rodeos Edy replaces bulls in rodeos and replaces them with humans
3a Edy Takes Over Hollywood Movies Edy becomes the new founder of Hollywood and replaces the upcoming movie star-themed
3b Edy Takes Over Music Songs Edy makes his own songs
4a Edy Takes Over Beaches Beach Edy wants to become the lifeguard of Central Island Beach
4b Edy Takes Over London London Edy steals Big Ben, now he has to give Big Ben back or else the Britains will destroy Jewelsburg
5a Edy Takes Over Fashion Fashion Edy starts his own Fashion Company
5b Edy Takes Over Military Military Edy becomes General of the Military
6a Edy Takes Over Food Food Edy replaces all of the food in the world with disgusting, yet vomiting food yet
6b Edy Takes Over Baseball Baseball Edy destroys Baseball and replaces it with bug catching
7a Edy Takes Over ABN CBS Edy becomes boss of ABN and changes the shows with stupid junk
7b Edy Takes Over Fitness Fitness Edy replaces Fitness with getting fat
8a Edy Takes Over Icy Cream Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant Edy and Ethan becomes head bosses of Icy Cream
8b Edy Takes Over the Wedding Wedding Edy ruins Arnold and Edna's wedding
9a Edy Takes Over The Mall Mall Edy spends all of his money on stuff at the Jewelsburg Mall.
9b Edy Takes Over The Hospital Hospital Edy gets the cure for the Common Influinza
10a Edy Takes Over The Law SWAT Edy becomes the chief of the SWAT team
10b Edy Takes Over Hawaii Hawaii Edy and Ethan heads to Hawaii
11a Edy Takes Over The Internet Internet Edy makes a website.
11b Edy Takes Over Arnold McBeth his brother Edy renames his brother's show to "Edy McBeth"
12a Edy Takes Over Squawker Twitter Edy becomes principal of Twitter
12b Edy Takes Over the Cookie Factory Cookie Factory Edy clogs the Jewelsburg Cookie Factory
13a Edy Takes Over USA USA Edy captures the president, so Edy's the president now
13b Edy Takes Over Bullseye Target Edy decides to run the local US Bullseye

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