Season 1

Name Information Toonami Theme Music Rating
Dial M for Mingler TBA None TV-PG-V
Kim Impossible Collector tells the people he has he has met in The Bagel Show and the SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures on Skype, and tells them about one of his funny bad choices. This one was about the time he teamed up with a bunch of lame teenage spies. None TV-14-V
Cold War Collector remembers his time during the Cold War. This is a 6-part special. Spy TV-MA
Divine Wind Collector recalls on Skype about how he found his katana. This is a 2-part special. Tension TV-MA
The Dark Side of Trolling Collector recalls on Skype how when one time, the Troll King took trolling too far. Evil TV-14-V-L
High School Reunion Collector and John the Marksman go to the high school they met at. Prayer TV-MA
The Crocodile Tracker In this humorous season finale, Collector is excited about a fellow immortal that's moving next to him. Until he finds out that it's Tracker, a cleanser that had most of his memories modified to that of an Australian nature host. None TV-14-V

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