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Season Episodes Originally aired DVD Release
Season premiere Season finale
1 18 January 6, 2012 May 11, 2012 March 15, 2013
2 15 October 20, 2012 Feburary 8, 2013 November 22, 2013
3 19 June 21, 2013 October 25, 2013 April 29, 2014
4 20 March 14, 2014 December 19, 2014 June 2, 2015
5 19 August 14, 2015 January 22, 2016 TBA
6 16 June 24, 2016 November 4, 2016 TBA
7 17 May 19, 2017 October 27, 2017 TBA
8 20 March 30, 2018 September 28, 2018 TBA
9 15 March 29, 2019 July 12, 2019 TBA

Season 1 (2012)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
1 The Landing After spending 12 years of drifting in space, Bagel ends up crashing landing into New City, Oregon, on Earth. There, he meets his very first friends and tries to adapt to an actual civilization. However, the city's "ruler", the power-hungry King Kingman, believes that Bagel is a threat to the city, so he and his sidekick, the loyal LT Fan, attempt to shoot him back into space using a deadly weapon that could destroy the city.

First Appearances: Bagel, Invader Rob, MattBoo, Collector, Homestar, King Jerk, LT Fan, Doug, Random SIR

January 6, 2012
2 A Guide to Cloning Rob invites Bagel, Matt and Doug to his lab to test various inventions of his. When Matt spots an invention hidden in the closest, Rob warns the three not to use it under any circumstance. However, after Matt protests against this decision, Rob insults his intelligence. Wanting to prove that he can be smart when the time calls for it, Matt sneaks into Rob's base late at night and attempts to fix the device. After tampering with the device too much, various Matt clones begin to run amok throughout New City, leaving the gang responsible to catch them all. Meanwhile, LT Fan manages to get a strand of Bagel's DNA, suggesting to King Kingman that they create a clone of him to combat him.

First Appearances: Hagel, Cop E. Right, Richard Nixon (cameo)

January 13, 2012
3 Doug vs. Æ Wanting to prove that he is just as capable of protecting citizens as famous heroes, Doug challenges a famous hero known as Æ. Æ keeps trying to talk him out of the fight, but when Doug ignores him, Æ soon learns about Doug's many insecurities. Meanwhile, Bagel, Matt and Rob attempt to teach Hagel how to act like a civilized person.

First Appearances: Æ
Absent: LT Fan

January 20, 2012
4 The Conspiracy The gang have their first encounter with a gunman named Collector, who believes that King Kingman is hiding a dark secret from his citizens. Rob and Collector continuously argue about their theories on the matter, but the two will have to put their differences aside once they become trapped in a part of King Kingman's castle. 

First Appearances: Destroyer

January 27, 2012
5 Meet the SIRS Random SIR wants Bagel to get more aquainted with the rest of the citizens of New City, so he invites him to have dinner with his wife and daughter, Sidney and Casy. However, Bagel has a hard time communicating with them due to their dysfunctional relationship. Meanwhile, one of Rob's experiments goes awry and causes his limbs to vanish, so he enlists the help of MattBoo and Doug to reverse the effects of the experiment.

First Appearances: Sidney, Casy
Absent: King Jerk, LT Fan

February 3, 2012
6 You've Got a Rival in Me Two mysterious girls suddenly appear in town begin to vandalize the houses of Bagel and his friends. Bagel manages to catch the two responsible, who happen to be two teenaged girls named Selena and Lucy. Selena doesn't give an explaination as to why they're doing this, leaving Bagel and the rest to find out how they exactly are and make peace with them.

First Appearences: Selena, Lucy

February 10, 2012
7 Extreme City Makeover TBA February 17, 2012
8 Disasters A mysterious dude known as John gains access into the city and warns the citizens of a an impending disaster, but with no actual proof, nobody takes him seriously. John claims that the proof is somewhere deep inside the city's cave system and convinces Collector and Bagel to help find it.

First Appearences: John
Absent: King Jerk, LT Fan

February 24, 2012
9 Let The Pranks Begin TBA

Absent: MattBoo

March 2, 2012
10 A Collection of Pointless Stories The gang find themselves locked inside Rob's underground lab after Random SIR accidentally breaks the security system. While Rob attempts to the fix the security system, the gang tell stories to pass the time: Tour de Doug (told by Doug), Barberings (told by Bagel), and Moral Kombat (told by Selena).

Absent: King Jerk, LT Fan

March 9, 2012
11 Doug Presents The Doug Show Starring Doug After seeing that a poorly-made video on the internet has over 3 million views, Doug plans to create his own webseries. As expected, the series is terrible, but actually grows an audience. However, Doug struggles with getting content out for his viewers. Meanwhile, Bagel gets a pet cat, but has no idea how to actually take care of it, prompting him to enlist the help of Rob...who also has no idea how to take care of pets.

First Appearances: Chocolate, Poorly-Rendered CGI Walrus

March 16, 2012
12 The Immortal, A Girl, and A Castle Collector and John hatch a plan to break into King Kingman's castle and find any clues leading to their theories about him, but the only person who knows their way around the castle is a teenaged girl named Aki, who is a tad bit obessed with Immortals and their culture. Meanwhile, Doug and Matt plan their own heist inside the castle in order to reclaim their "The Barber" DVD.

Absent: Selena

March 23, 2012
13 Seasons Fearings TBA

Absent: Rob, MattBoo

March 30, 2012
14 The Core TBA April 6, 2012
15 Welcome To the Jungle TBA April 13, 2012
16 Homecoming TBA April 20, 2012
17 King of Nothing TBA April 27, 2012
18 Offense TBA May 11, 2012

Season 2 (2012-2013)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
19 Defense TBA October 19, 2012
20 The Breather TBA October 26, 2012
21 Time Capsule TBA November 2, 2012
22 The Cane When Bagel comes across a powerful cane, he is approached by Fate Man, an arrogant samurai who believes everything he does is the result of fate. Fate Man challenges Bagel to a duel, but when Bagel denies his request, Fate Man decides to ruin Bagel's week by annoying him, until Bagel gives him his cane back. November 9, 2012
23 Here Comes Rob Racer TBA November 16, 2012
24 Burdens TBA November 23, 2012
25 New City History: Volume 1 TBA November 30, 2012
26 Helping Arm TBA December 7, 2012
27 Barrier Talk TBA December 14, 2012
28 Peace TBA December 21, 2012
29 How to Play Cards with Selena TBA January 4, 2013
30 Metal Fists Doug receives a pair of "Metal Fists" from his father, which are a pair of powerful weapons that are capable and breaking nearly anything. However, once he begins using them, Doug becomes power-hungry and corrupted by the fists and slowly becomes evil. January 11, 2013
31 Selena and Lucy's Excellent Flashback Adventure Selena and Lucy brainstorm about which adventure was the best before they left New City and Bagel came. January 18, 2013
32 Irken Time TBA February 1, 2013
33 Traitor TBA February 8, 2013

Season 3 (2013)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
34 The Message (Part One) TBA June 21, 2013
35 Corruption (Part Two) TBA June 28, 2013
36 TBA TBA July 5, 2013
37 Love and Other Dougs Doug begins to recieve various notes from a "secret admirer". While Bagel and the rest find the whole situation to be cute and sweet, Doug believes that the admirer is somehow stalking him and sets out to find out who the admirer is.  July 12, 2013
38 Mib's Movie TBA July 19, 2013
39 Castle Crashers TBA July 26, 2013
40 Irken Birthday Bash TBA August 2, 2013
41 I Am The Law TBA August 9, 2013
42 Green and Blue TBA August 16, 2013
43 Death Dome TBA August 23, 2013
44 A View with A Room TBA August 30, 2013
45 Legend of the Ghost Sword TBA September 6, 2013
46 Gem Hunt TBA September 13, 2013
47 Castle Mania TBA September 20, 2013
48 Irking Around TBA September 27, 2012
49 Losing Control TBA October 4, 2013
50 Common Sense: Why People Lack It: A Documentary By Rob TBA October 11, 2013
51 BatDoug Begins After hearing about an unknown villain in New City who is planning to destroy the city, Doug decides to become a superhero and attempt to stop the villain. October 18, 2013
52 Dr. Friendship (or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Doug) When discussing the group's friendships and relationships, Selena admits to Doug that she never viewed him as an actual friend. Doug, wanting to earn Selena's respect, attempts to change his entire personality, even if it involves erasing his mind. Meanwhile, King Kingman learns that his favorite show, The Barber, is facing cancelation, so he attempts to make his own version of it. October 25, 2013

Season 4 (2014)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
53 Out in the Rain TBA March 14, 2014
54 Grate Responsibility TBA March 21, 2014
55 TBA TBA March 28, 2014
56 The Beygull Show TBA April 4, 2014
57 Gun Groan TBA April 11, 2014
58 TBA TBA April 18, 2014
59 An Irken's Tale Rob begins having strange, vivid nightmares, which all seem to have him being tortured on planets he previously invaded. In an attempt to make these nightmares go away, Rob tells is friends about his previous life as an Invader and his loyalty to the Irken Armada. May 30, 2014
60 The Call TBA June 6, 2014
61 TBA TBA June 13, 2014
62 The Beach Episode TBA June 20, 2014
63 Tuesday TBA June 27, 2014
64 Doug After Dark The gang notice that Doug keeps going missing whenever night falls, so they try to investigate what happens. Meanwhile, King Kingman orders a new curfew for citizens, which interrupts the gang's plan. October 24, 2014
65 A Visit from the Past TBA October 31, 2014
66 Daddy Issues TBA November 7, 2014
67 Rainbeat's Song TBA November 14, 2014
68 Fear TBA November 21, 2014
69 Collector Vs. Himself TBA November 28, 2014
70 Let's  Talk TBA December 5, 2014
71 Illegal Alien Arrival After Bagel notices some of New City's residents disappearing or vanishing when they are encountered by strange men dressed in black, Rob warns Bagel that they are the "Alien Task Force", an organization that arrests aliens for entering planets illegally. Since Bagel crashed into Earth, which is an illegal act of arriving on planets, Bagel is now in danger of being captured by the task force. December 12, 2014
72 New City History: Volume 2 TBA December 19, 2014

Season 5 (2015-2016)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
73 Just Like You TBA August 14 2015
74 The Runaway TBA August 21, 2015
75 Marksman and the Bot Bagel is fed up with John and Chrome's continuous bickering so he tries to get the two to resolve their issues via team building and trust activities. August 28, 2015
76 Matt and Lucy's Guide To Maturity TBA September 4, 2015
77 Apocalypse Later TBA September 18, 2015
78 Family (Part One) TBA September 25, 2015
79 Reunion (Part Two) TBA October 2, 2015
80 Immortal Business TBA October 9, 2015
81 The Pact TBA October 16, 2015
82 A Nightmare in New City TBA October 23, 2015
83 Beauty TBA October 30, 2015
84 Chef Clash TBA November 6, 2015
85 Worthless TBA November 13, 2015
86 Prisoners TBA November 20, 2015
87 TBA TBA November 28, 2015
88 TBA TBA December 4, 2015
89 The Doug Knight TBA December 11, 2015
90 The Doug Knight Rises TBA January 8, 2016
91 Hardly Irken Rob begins to fear that the Irken Armada is after him again when he spots a Voot Cruiser that doesn't belong to him right outside of his house. In order to disguise himself, he injects himself with the DNA of Bagel to mask his Irken DNA. At first, the DNA doesn't effect Rob very much and the Voot Cruiser soon leaves. However, Rob is unable to get the DNA out of him and slowly begins to transform into a Foodtopian. January 15, 2016
92 Merry Birthmas It's been a whole year ever since Bagel first crash-landed onto Earth, and the rest of the gang attempt to create a surprise party without Bagel knowing. However, their plans are cut short when Bagel's space pod, which was presumed to still be floating in space, mysteriously lands in New City, with something inside it. January 22, 2016

Season 6 (2016)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
93 Doug's Play TBA June 24, 2016
94 New City Heist TBA July 1, 2016
95 Experimentation TBA July 8, 2016
96 Lucy's Story TBA July 15, 2016
97 Project: Hy TBA July 22, 2016
98 Log Date: 3-11-99 TBA July 29, 2016
99 New Friend, New Roof Krazy is "Earth-fishing" (Suklons fish from the ponds of Earth to find "rare" fish) when he finds that he reeled in Invader Rob's roof. As he comes back to apologize to Rob, he meets the gang and helps the gang to defeat LT Fan and King Kingman. Meanwhile, Rob searches for a new roof.  August 5, 2016
100 Everything Connects Collector and John finally finish their master plan to break into King Kingman's castle and search every inch of his underground base to find a reason as to why he descended into madness and what he's planning. After recruiting Bagel and the rest, the team infiltrates the castle and are successful in their mission. However, they end up biting off more than they can chew when they discover a secret about King Kingman that gives them a hard to grasp realization: free will won't be around much longer. August 12, 2016
101 Unnatural Ties The gang search through the items they stole from King Kingman's castle during last week's encounter, and they end up coming across a strange journal that is written in an alien language. After conducting some research, Rob discovers that the language originates from Ferus, an alien planet that is now completely uninhabited, Nevertheless, the gang travel to the planet in hopes of finding some kind of translator, but they instead come across something more sinister. September 16, 2016
102 BatDoug Beyond TBA September 23, 2016
103 Showdown Frown TBA September 30, 2016
104 Positive Impression TBA October 7, 2016
105 Doug Divided Doug's typical self-centered behavior begins to wear on the rest of the gang, so Rob attempts to remove Doug's ego from his overall personality using an unstable device he made. However, instead of being erased, Doug's ego is manifested into a clone of Doug, who proceeds to irritate the rest of New City. October 14, 2016
106 TBA TBA October 21, 2016
107 Schadenfreude TBA October 28, 2016
108 Castle Rock TBA November 4, 2016

Season 7 (2017)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
109 Log Date: 5-23-13 TBA May 19, 2017
110 TBA TBA May 26, 2017
111 Unfriendly Competition TBA June 2, 2017
112 Bagel Sight TBA June 9, 2017
113 Dougpool TBA June 16, 2017
114 TBA TBA June 30, 2017
115 New Leads TBA July 7, 2017
116 Prophecy TBA July 14, 2017
117 Born to Be Mild TBA July 21, 2017
118 Enemy Mine TBA July 28, 2017
119 TBA TBA September 1, 2017
120 Break In TBA September 8, 2017
121 TBA TBA September 15, 2017
122 More Time Travel TBA September 22, 2017
123 TBA TBA September 29, 2017
124 TBA TBA October 20, 2017
125 TBA TBA October 27, 2017

Season 8 (2018)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
126 The Search for Rob TBA March 30, 2018
127 Voltage After SuperSaiyanKirby gets shocked by an electric high-voltage fence, he loses his Super Saiyan powers. The gang try to get his powers back. April 6, 2018
128 Friends TBA April 13, 2018
129 Disappearance After stealing a mysterious object from King Kingman's castle, Collector and John mysteriously go missing. The gang organize a search party for them, but their disappearance becomes even more complicated when they discover something written in Collector's journal. April 27, 2018
130 TBA TBA. May 11, 2018
131 TBA TBA May 18, 2018
132 TBA TBA May 25, 2018
133 The Irken Bounty Hunter Alliance TBA June 1, 2018
134 TBA TBA June 8, 2018
135 TBA TBA June 15, 2018
136 Betrayal TBA June 22, 2018
137 Escape to the Big Easy TBA July 6, 2018
138 TBA TBA July 13, 2018
139 The Plan TBA July 20, 2018
140 To Space TBA July 27, 2018
141 TBA TBA August 10, 2018
142 Krazy Presents: Tentacle Trouble After Bagel's skull is accidentally cracked open by Krazy's tentacle, Krazy feels a great wave of guilt and keeps bothering Bagel about how sorry he is. Even after Bagel half-heartily forgives him, Krazy attempts to throw a surprise party for him, with one of the guests being the evil Lord Trov. Meanwhile, Rob discovers that he's no longer being hunted by the Irken armada, but attempts to figure out why they are sparing him. August 17, 2018
143 Warzilla, Part One TBA September 14, 2018
144 Warzilla, Part Two TBA September 21, 2018
145 Aftermath TBA September 28, 2018

Season 9 (2019)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
146 Take My Hand TBA March 29, 2019
147 For the Better TBA April 5, 2019
148 Shattered TBA April 12, 2019
149 Putting Trust TBA April 19, 2019
150 Breaking the Barrier TBA April 26, 2019
151 Heartbroken TBA May 3, 2019
152 Split TBA May 10, 2019
153 Hopeless TBA May 17, 2019
154 Nevermore TBA May 24, 2019
155 Return TBA May 31, 2019
156 Dream TBA June 7, 2019
157 Establishing Order TBa June 14, 2019
158 Broken TBA June 28, 2019
159 Vility TBA July 5, 2019
160 Supremacy TBA July 12, 2019

Season Notes

Every season of The Bagel Show accounts for about one or two months in the years of 2012-2014. Here the the months below they account for:

  • Season 1 (January–March 2012)
  • Season 2 (March–May 2012)
  • Season 3 (June–August 2012)
  • Season 4 (September–November 2012)
  • Season 5 (December–February 2012/2013 (January–February))
  • Season 6 (May 2013-July 2013)
  • Season 7 (September–December 2013)
  • Season 8 (January 2014-March 2014)
  • Season 9 (April/May 2014)


During the series run, various collections of shorts were made, usually focusing on one subject. These shorts usually air during a time where a regular season has ended. All of these shorts contain 3-5 episodes.

Doug's Lazily Edited Tour of New City

"Doug's Lazily Edited Tour of New City" is a collection of shorts that began airing on June 15, 2012. The shorts revolve around Doug, attempting to tour New City using his camera, with something disasterous usually happening during the tour.


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