These are a list of episodes on The Adventures of Squidward Tentacles

Season 1

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 The New Squid in Town/Squidiots April 12, 2007 The New Squid in Town: Squidward moves in to Ukelue Bottom and meets Sam and Chad, two squids that are about his age. When exploring town, Squidward stumbles upon Rick, a squid who's a clarinet star. When Squidward challenges him to a clarinet playing competition, Squidward needs to practice, as we all know he's a terrible clarinet player. Will Squidward win the competition againist Rick?
Squidiots: When Sam and Chad are bored one day, they try to think of something to do. Eventually, they decide to go to Bikini Bottom and climb the Sea Needle. Squidward is about to join them, but he realizes that he might run into SpongeBob (the reason why he moved). So he decides to do idiodic schemes to stop them.
2 Le New Job/The Things That Go Suction in the Night April 12, 2007 Le New Job: Squidward gets a new job at a french resturant for entertainment due to his clarinet skills. But when a (reconizeable) snooty french chef doesn't like him, he decides to make a couple of changes with his music.
The Things That Go Suction in the Night: After an accident with the schedule, the resturant makes Squidward to play his clarinet late at the night, after closing time. So when he tries to escape, he keeps getting busted by the owner who lives next door.
3 Chad's Girlfriend/Music Messup April 13, 2007 Chad's Girlfriend: Chad becomes a boyfriend with a female squid, and Sam and Squidward are happy for him. The only problem is, Chad is worried that their first date will go haywire since he gets nervous and sweats when he's around her. So Sam and Squidward sneak onto their date at the french resturant and try to help him, but things might not go as planned.
Music Messup: One night, Squidward accidentally plays the wrong notes to a song at the resturant. So now, he's a novice at clarinet playing and can't remember anything. At first, this is okay as since Squidward starts learning slowly again. But this can become a problem when Rick is his replacement.
4 Halloween Krabs/The Bet October 30, 2007 Halloween Krabs: The resturant is having a Halloween party, and it's a full house. But, Squidward notices a situation when the resturant owner and Eugene Krabs, his old boss, are becoming close friends. The reason why is that Mr. Krabs might reveal about Squidward when he used to work at the Krusty Krab, and he fears he wants to take him back and since he's so rich, he'll give his boss a fortune. So he decides to prevent this from happening by putting on loud Halloween music and even some scares in a costume.
The Bet: Squidward and Rick try to bet on not playing the clarinet for a week, but this might interfer with Squidward's job. Especially since he is using replacement instruments in which he has no talent at.
5 The Mild, Mild, West/News About Noises April 13, 2007 The Mild, Mild, West: Sam appears to come from the west, so he decides to do western things as Squidward and Chad tag along. However, once they notice that these things are dangerous, they decide to do safe things of their own.
News About Noises: Squidward is upset when everyone is yelling at him, Chad, Sam, his boss, and the rest of Ukelue Bottom. Once Squidward's eardrums nearly burst out, he wishes on a shooting shell for a world of no sound. But when the shooting shell is extremely big and is to crush the entire town, according to angles. It is up to Squidward to retrieve the sound back and save the town.
6 Art Dilemma/Squid's Putt Out April 14, 2007 Art Dilemma: An artist is coming to Ukelue Bottom and will hold a one-day only contest for someone's piece of art to be specially advertised by him whilst using name and address. Squidward wants to enter the competition, however, this can become a problem due to him multiplying his works of art by the thousands.
Squid's Putt Out: When Squidward has a day off from the resturant, he decides to spend it golfing. However, he encounters golfing champions that are snooty and always show off. So Squidward decides to face them in a game of golfing.
7 Treasure Slips/The Squid Squad April 14, 2007 Treasure Slips: Every morning, Squidward keeps slipping on something, but doesn't know what. When he tries to get to the bottom of it, it turns out to be a treasure chest full of gold. After showing Chad and Sam, they become jealous and want to steal it, which could lead to the end of their friendship.
The Squid Squad: Squidward, Sam, and Chad come to a clarinet recital one night, but they unfortuneantly see that Rick is a part of it. Expecting him to play bad like before, Rick actually plays phenomenal this time. In order to show him off, Squidward tries to form a group of the best clarinet players in the sea, including him, Chad, and Sam. The only problem is, Squidward might have a little trouble when SpongeBob is now the best clarinet player in Bikini Bottom (and he's not good) and joins Squidward's group.
8 Heck's Kitchen/Party in the Hizzouse! April 15, 2007 Heck's Kitchen: When all of the chefs are sick, Squidward and the resturant owner must cook all of the meals themselves, but this could become a problem knowing that they are both terrible chefs.
Party in the Hizzouse!: In a videotape documentary, Squidward is showing his house party with all of the citizens from Ukelue Bottom and Bikini Bottom, in which we see old characters from the original show as well as new ones.
9 Hooked Up Squid/Statue of Stupidity April 15, 2007 Hooked Up Squid: Squidward is sad that Chad has a girlfriend, and now Sam does as well. Chad and Sam then find a website to find your perfect match. After doing the quiz, Squidward meets the girl, but might not like her.
Statue of Stupidity: Sam creates a statue of Neptune, and Chad and Squidward think it is completely stupid since it looks nothing like him. But since the two think Sam is very proud of himself and like it, they try to hide the fact that they hate it. But it might turn out that Sam hates it too.
10 Double Trouble/Finding Nemo April 16, 2007 Double Trouble: Squilliam takes a visit to Ukelue Bottom and turns out to be a friend of Rick. Now the two try to show off to him as since Squilliam wants to get him back for taking away his chance of having the fanciest house in the sea, and Rick because he was shown off by Squidward when he had the clarinet players playing along with him, Chad and Sam. What will Squidward do?
Finding Nemo: After hearing stories about Captain Nemo from his mother and that he still is somewhere in the sea. Squidward, Chad, and Sam go on an adventure to find him.
11 Wrongs and Wrongs of Passage/Wooden Hearts April 16, 2007 Wrongs and Wrongs of Passage: Squidward meets a toddler named Jimmy, as Squidward is being nice to him, Jimmy appears to trick Squidward into being bankrupt.
Wooden Hearts: Chad has a job of carving wooden puppets for plays, but when he majorly messes up on one, Sam and Squidward must distract the audience, cast, and crew during the play as Chad tries to make the puppet correct.
12 Let's Runover the Differences/Saving Suction Squidward April 17, 2007 Let's Runover the Differences: After Chad is ran over by a bus, he is in the hospital in a bodycast as he severly bruised every bone in his body. When fully recovered the next day, he suddenly has a change of heart. Which forces him to quit his job, break up with his girlfriend, and no longer be friends with Sam and Squidward. After noticing something different about him, Squidward and Sam try to get him back to normal.
Saving Suction Squidward: Squidward is accepted into a club of art, music, and dancing on his days off from work. Every week, Squidward is now going there and keeps forgetting about his plans with Chad and Sam, which gets them upset. Now, they try to get Squidward out of the club, but he doesn't even remember them at all.
13 Fantasies Without Meanings/Squid and Squider April 17, 2007 Fantasies Without Meanings: Squidward comes home from work one day to find out he has been robbed, but they left money! The next day, he sees his household has been destroyed. When trying to get to the bottom of this, he sees Patrick from Bikini Bottom, suspecting him to be doing the series of crimes.
Squid and Squider: Squidward is playing his clarinet at the resturant one day when he gets bitten by a toxic snail that was accidentally released by a zookeeper eating there that night. Now, everyone in Ukelue Bottom is turning into squids as since the toxic snail has Squidward's DNA and is biting everyone in town.
14 I Was Not Made for Loving You/Movie Cuts May 20, 2007 I Was Not Made for Loving You: Squidward is at the resturant one night when he thinks he's met the girl of his dreams. After their first date, this girl doesn't really like Squidward as since they don't have the same interests. So Squidward tries to do the things she enjoys as she told on their date in order to win her back.
Movie Cuts: Squidward sees an advertisement for a movie-making contest in which the winner will get to record a demo CD. The entire cast is involved with the movie, but making a movie can be tougher than Squidward thinks.
15 Vicious Competition/Le Special Day June 14, 2007 Vicious Competition: Squidward faces competition with a bully who's a star at clarinet playing, so they decide to have a duel at the resturant and the loser will be beat up.
Movie Cuts: The resturant owner's bosses are coming over for inspection, and the resturant will pass if it has a grade of C or higher. But after throwing Sam's birthday party at the resturant, it is a mess. And Squidward, the resturant owner, and the employees have less than 20 minutes to clean it all up.
16 Squid on a Stick/What Not to Do at a Cliff July 6, 2007 Squid on a Stick: The squids of Ukelue Bottom are feared since fishermen and currently hooking them up to be made ino a food product called "Squid on a Stick", which humans crave.
What No to Do at a Cliff: Squidward nearly falls off of a cliff, so when he tells Ukelue Bottom to be more alert, they just laugh at him. But soon enough everyone except Squidward is injured since they didn't listen to him and fell off of cliffs.
17 Capers of the Darkness/Clary Sweet Clary August 12, 2007 Capers of the Darkness: Chad and Sam are afraid that a group of people are out in the night, as Squidward doubts them. But when he goes outside at sunset, he soon enough has a story to tell to Chad and Sam. But they doubt it as since they agree with Squdiward now.
Clary Sweet Clary: Squidward is mad when his clarinet is gone before his shift at the resturant, so he goes a dective mission to find it.
18 Orchestral Tuning/Explosion Expostion September 20, 2007 Orchestral Tuning: Squidward joins the Ukelue Bottom Symphony Orchestra for days off of his other job at the resturant, but this can become a problem when he goes on a tour throughout the sea and might have to leave Ukelue Bottom.
Explosion Expostion: One day, Ukelue Bottom just randomly goes into destruction. There could only be one mastermind behind this, Plankton! As Squidward tries to step on him to prevent him for doing more harm, it could be tougher than he thinks as since he has hi-tec lasers and shields.
19 A True Valentine/Rick's Revenge Feburary 14, 2008 A True Valentine: Squidward goes to the Valentine's Day ball with his girlfriend, but after an accident with the punch bowl, she breaks up with him. Squidward then tries to come up with the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her in order for them to be back together.
Rick's Revenge: Rick and Squidward enter in a piano playing competition. After finding out they're the two finalists, Rick wins and Squidward loses. Now he is worried that the next time he plays any musical instrument, he will mess up, which soon enough makes him miss work.
20 A Look Back in the Life November 19, 2007 In the first half-hour long episode and season one finale, Squidward finds an old yearbook from when he was in high school. In the yearbook, we see all of Squidward's old friends, old rivals (including Squilliam), and his old girlfriend all finally revealed. We also see Squidward in his younger form. 120

Season 2

# Title Airdate Overview Code
21 Unknown Squid/Change of Heart Janurary 8, 2008 Unknown Squid: Squidward hates how Ukelue Bottom refers his smart self to idoit Sam as since they hang out a lot, so after the Fairy Squidmother gives Squidward one wish, he wishes for himself to stop being refered to Sam. But after the wish, everyone in Ukelue Bottom forgets all about Sam. And even his records in the Sea Records book is missing. Now Squidward must get Sam to be remembered again and have his records back.
Change of Heart: Squidward thinks that he keeps wasting his life one minute at a time due to his dull atitude and everyday his life is repeated. So he decides to get a change of heart and act idiodic, which leads him to doing crazy schemes that get him severly injured.
22 Caper Shredder/Jimmy Returns March 18, 2008 Caper Shredder: Squidward gets a paper shredder and when he is about to use it, it gets stolen. Squidward expects Sam as since he now has a paper shredder that he said was free and plugged tight in. Sam says he didn't steal it, so Squidward tries to find proof.
Jimmy Returns: Jimmy is back and Squidward is expecting him to trick him into bankruptcy again, but Jimmy is acting different now and doesn't want Squidward's money. Squidward believes this is a scam and tries to watch everything he does. But it might turn out that Jimmy really has changed.

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