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Season 1

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
1 The Story Begins Ralf Hat In this one hour pilot episode, Zelenium, a thousand year old god, and son of Tellurus is defeated by the evil Numquam, during a battle over the Earth. In order to prevent Numquam from taking ahold of the planet, Zelenium imprisons Numpuam into an orb of light, nicknamed "The Gate". However, Numquam manages to use the orb as a vessel, and escapes to Earth. Knowing that he cannot defeat Numquam, Zelenium decides to pass on his essence to a mortal of "pure heart". Æ, is chosen to be given Zelenium's power, at a young age.

The rest of the episode shows the aging of Æ, how he meets his new friends (Matt and Joseph), and learns more about his powers and his ultimate mission: Prevent Earth from the harm of the villains who threaten it.
July 8, 2011
2 Anthrax, Supreme Ruler of Business? Ralf Hat July 15, 2011
3 July 22, 2011
4 Respect Your Seniors Ralf Hat Æ investigates a powerful serum, which is being sold on the streets to the biggest criminals in all of Elysium. The serum gives dangerous super abilities to whoever is injected with it. TBA July 29, 2011
7 Kirā Buki De Utsukushī Tenshi Ralf Hat Æ encounters a strange masked female fighting off a gang of burglars one night, but as soon as he attempts to recruit her for the Squad, she suddenly disappears. Days later, recent sightings around the city are rumored. Æ goes on a tiresome mystery to search for her.
  • First appearances: Angel, Noos Paypor
8 Trolls Will Be Trolls

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