These are the Season 4 episodes of Living in the NICK House. To see seasons 1, 2 and 3 these are links: List of Season 1 Living in the NICK House EpisodesList of Season 2 Living in the NICK House Episodes, and List of Season 3 Living in the NICK House Episodes.

Season 4

# Title Airdate Overview Code
53 The Intense Gym Class October 26, 2009 Stimpy has an intense gym class from Patrick's coach. 153
54 Meet the Meetz October 27, 2009 Monster meat comes to the house to eat everyone. 154
55 Welcome to Squid TV! October 28, 2009 Patrick does a music video for Squidward's new TV channel, Squid TV. 155
56 Bad Text October 29, 2009 Everyone gets a e-mail virus called LOON. 156
57 Vector's Penny October 30, 2009 Vector finds a penny which is magical. 157
58 Halloween, Part 1 October 31, 2009 It's Halloween, and everyone gets a good costume. 158
59 Halloween, Part 2 October 31, 2009 Same plot from the last part. 159
60 Good Text November 2, 2009 They get a SpyDoctor.(Sequel to "Bad Text"). 160
61 My Name's not Rick! November 3, 2009 Everyone mistakes Patrick's name as Rick. 161
62 Family's Guts November 4, 2009 The house competes against Cartoon Network in My Family's Got Guts. 162
63 A Unmodern Family November 5, 2009 The people think they are not normal, so they try to act normal. 163
64 Merry Christmas, Nickelodeon! December 20, 2009 After a long hiatus, the show returns. When Patrick invents a holiday called Patmas, Santa, Mrs Claus, and the Elves come to life. 164

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