These are the Season 3 episodes of Living in the NICK House. To see seasons one and two, see these links: List of Season 1 Living in the NICK House Episodes and List of Season 2 Living in the NICK House Episodes.

Season 3

# Title Airdate Overview Code
31 College Chumps October 5,2009 In the season 3 opener, Ren's college mate, Frazzle, comes to see his new home. 131
32 Plankton's Son October 6,2009 Karen gives birth to a half-plankton, half-robot son. 132
33 Fencing Through the Stars October 7,2009 Freddie and Spencer do fencing, which annoys everyone. 133
34 Rap Your Sponge October 8,2009 SpongeBob gets rapped! 134
35 Lily's Nephews October 9,2009 Lily's, from Kappa Mikey, nephews come. 135
36 Big Cosmo October 10,2009 After Big Daddy and Mr Nay-Nay gets captured by Plankton, his business gets owned by Cosmo.(sequel to The Fairly OddParents episode, "Big Wanda") 136
37 Singing Carly October 10,2009 Carly becomes famous and it makes her friends jealous. 137
38 Glenn Martin, DDS vs. Malcolm in the Middle October 12,2009 The characters of Glenn Martin, DDS thinks that Malcolm in the Middle is popular, so they fight for it. 138
39 GIR Rolled October 13,2009 GIR gets Rickrolled!(Sequel to Rap Your Sponge). 139
40 The Math Test October 14,2009 Stimpy has to do a math test (Sequel to Stimpy's Teacher)! 140
41 Danny and Sam October 15,2009 Danny and Sam goes on a date until Danny falls in love with another girl. 141
42 I Swear October 16,2009 Mikey and Gonard swear not to grow up, but they become babies. 142
43 Me and My Smoothie October 17,2009 Mr Krabs tastes the most greatest smoothie in history. 143
44 Aang and Katara October 17,2009 Aang and Katara become battle buddies. 144
45 Mr Gorf Returns October 19,2009 Mr Gorf returns for revenge (Sequel to the Wayside episode, "Wayside Keeps Getting Stranger"). 145
46 Polly Want a Cracker! October 20,2009 SpongeBob buys a pet parrot. 146
47-48 Sumos vs. Aliens October 21,2009 Sumos want to fight aliens (Parody of the DreamWorks movie, Monsters vs. Aliens). 147 and 148
49 The Outside Job October 22,2009 Plankton tries to get the fomula by sucking it outside of Mr Krabs' head (Sequel to the SpongeBob episode, "The Inside Job"). 149
50 And.....Action! October 23,2009 We go to Nick Cannon and we go behind the scenes with the animation. 150
51 Frida Rocks! October 24,2009 Frida makes a new hit song. 151
52 Hey-oh! October 24,2009 In the Season 3 finale, a squid gang come and annoy Squidward by saying,"Hey-oh!". 152