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List of Season 2 Living in the NICK House Episodes

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All season 2 episodes of Living in the NICK House. You can see the season 1 episodes of the show to this link: List of Season 1 Living in the NICK House Episodes.

Season 2

# Title Airdate Overview Code
16 Bad Luck Anita September 21, 2009 In the Season 2 opener, Anita, from The Secret Show, gets bad luck. 116
17 Gibby's Date September 22, 2009 Gibby gets a date! 117
18 Patty Pat September 23, 2009 Patrick eats a Chum Patty and likes it. 118
19 1 Brain September 24, 2009 Professor Professor enters a game show. 119
20 Spencer's Curse September 25, 2009 Spencer gets a curse by the Flying Dutchman. 120
21 Gopher Rama! September 26, 2009 Myron goes on a gopher hunt. 121
22 Mermaid Man VS. Ozu September 26, 2009 Mermaid Man and Ozu duke it out poorly (Sequel to "El Tigre vs. Danny Phantom" and something else). 122
23 McSquidward September 28, 2009 Squidward opens a restaurant. 123
24 DJ Sam September 29, 2009 Sam and Tucker does another broadcast for their radio station. 124
25 iCarly VS. Nevelocity September 30, 2009 The web has a contest to see what's a better webshow - iCarly or Nevelocity. 125
26 Dinner Night October 1, 2009 Sokka invites some friends over to have a dinner party. 126
27 Stimpy's Teacher October 2, 2009 Stimpy gets a teacher and it's... King Julien? 127
28 Josh's Lucky Shrimp October 3, 2009 Josh gets a lucky shrimp and it makes Drake jealous. 128
29 Drunk Snail October 3, 2009 Gary becomes drunk. 129
30 A Rainy Day


October 4, 2009 In the Season 2 finale, it's raining all day, so the kids have to find something to play. 130

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