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List of Season 1 Living in the NICK House Episodes

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Season 1 episodes of Living in the NICK House.

Season 1

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Moving In September 7, 2009 Everyone moves in. 101
2 Gonardo September 8, 2009 Gonard becomes a wrestler. 102
3 Super Smash Freaks September 9, 2009 GIR and Sokka gets obseesed with SSBB. 103
4 Australian Bully September 10, 2009 Rocko's school bully is coming to visit and Manny will train him. 104
5 SpongeBob, Squidward and the Beach September 11, 2009 SpongeBob and Squidward go to the beach. 105
6 Knot Kurmal September 12, 2009 When Jimmy shrinks his mind again, he becomes really stupid. 106
7 El Tigre vs. Danny Phantom September 12, 2009 Manny and Danny duke it out. 107
8 Dead Walking Mouse September 14, 2009 After visiting the vet, Pip has a week to live (Sequel to the Back at the Barnyard episode, "Dead Walking Cow"). 108
9 Conor Meets the Early Bird September 15, 2009 Conor Martin, from Glenn Martin, DDS, gets captured by a huge eagle. 109
10 Live or Not? September 16, 2009 After his 80th birthday, Mr Krabs is afraid he might die soon. 110
11 Good Pat Hunting September 17, 2009 Patrick goes on a mouse hunt with Waffle. 111
12 Friday Night Dance Party! September 18, 2009 Title says it all. 112
13 Mikey vs. Gonard September 19, 2009 Mikey and Gonard becomes enemies (Sequel to "El Tigre vs. Danny Phantom")! 113
14 Vetting Trials September 19, 2009 Bessie takes Happy to the vet. 114
15 Pizza for Dinner! September 20, 2009 The house have pizza for dinner. 115

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