These are a list of episodes of Rock n' Bomb.

On June 11, 2004, SuperSaiyanKirby confirmed via news sources that Rock n' Bomb was not renewed for a fourth season.


Season Episodes Year(s) Premiere Date Finale Date DVD Release Date
Season 1 26 2002 January 5, 2002 June 29, 2002 TBA
Season 2 26 2002-2003 November 23, 2002 TBA TBA

Season 1 (6th Grade)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
1 First Day SuperSaiyanKirby Rock and Bomb's first day at Flying Penguin Middle School begins, as they try to fit in. January 5, 2002
2 Temper Tantrum IAmBagel, SuperSaiyanKirby Rock and Bomb are hired to babysit Jerky's little sister, who is actually more full of rage than Jerky. January 12, 2002
3 I'm The Body Switch Bread Man-Thing! Invader Rob, SuperSaiyanKirby A Ginger Bread Man curses Rock and Bomb and they switch bodies. January 19, 2002
4 Jerky Gets Jerkier SuperSaiyanKirby Jerky gets even meaner, so Rock advises to anger management. January 26, 2002
5 Flying Penguin Bandstand SuperSaiyanKirby Mr. Famrich tries to help Rock and Bomb when the school talent show comes around.
Title Parody: American Bandstand
February 2, 2002
6 From Rock, With Love SuperSaiyanKirby The Flying Penguin Valentine's Day Dance is coming, and Rock tries to get a date with his love interest, Cloudy. Meanwhile, Bomb treats a cat to practice her medical skills, and the cat later becomes her pet, Waffle. February 9, 2002
7 The Football Team SuperSaiyanKirby Rock joins the football team and Bomb fears of his safety, so she goes undercover as a cheerleader. Meanwhile, Ex babysits Rock's pet bubble, Pete, and Waffle, and the two pets prove to be trouble. February 16, 2002
8 Earl's Harbor SuperSaiyanKirby Rock and Bomb try to go fishing at Earl's Harbor, but the selfish owner, Earl, doesn't want anyone fishing.
Title Parody: Pearl Harbor
February 23, 2002
9 Apocalypse Never SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel Everyone in town fear that doomsday is on it's way, so Rock and Bomb try to convince the townspeople that doomsday is not coming March 2, 2002
10 The Wooblums SuperSaiyanKirby Rabbit-like creatures known as "Wooblums" arrive in Flying Penguin City, and Bomb suspects that these adorable things have a dark secret. March 7, 2002
11 The Haunting SuperSaiyanKirby Supernatural things happen at the school, and Rock and Bomb set out to find out what's going on. March 9, 2002
12 School Spirit SuperSaiyanKirby, Invader Rob Bomb participates in School Spirit Week, but while doing it makes Rock lose his school spirit, causing him to start flunking class and failing tests. March 16, 2002
13 Meet the Parents SuperSaiyanKirby The school participates in "Parent's Day", and Rock and Bomb don't want to bring their parents as they are afraid they will be embarrassed. March 30, 2002
14 When Space Crabs Attack SuperSaiyanKirby Mr. Famrich makes a low budget science fiction film entitled "When Space Crabs Attack!" and commissions Rock and Bomb to star in the film. However, trouble ensues when Rock tries to get out of the movie. April 6, 2002
15 Sluggy Invader Rob, SuperSaiyanKirby A slug named Sluggy joins the school, but Rock doesn't trust him after finding salt in his locker. April 13, 2002
16 Attack of the Wooblums SuperSaiyanKirby The Wooblums return, and they try to take the city's cotton candy supply for their "secret plan". April 20, 2002
17 A.G. the Alligator Gremlin SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel, Invader Rob, DerpyPanda24 Sluggy befriends an alien named A.G., and Rock, Bomb, and Sluggy try to hide the alien from the government.
Title Parody: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
April 27, 2002
18 Gamemaster SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel The gang find themselves trying to return a bad video game console called "The Gamemaster". May 4, 2002
19 It Could Be You SuperSaiyanKirby, Invader Rob The school is put on lockdown after a shape-shifting insect enters it, and anyone could be the insect. Meanwhile Rock, Bomb, and Sluggy try to discover if one of them is the insect. May 11, 2002
20 The Return of the Ginger Bread Man SuperSaiyanKirby, Invader Rob The Ginger Bread Man returns and this time switches the entire town's bodies. Now Rock in Jerky's body and Bomb in Earl's body must stop him. May 18, 2002
21 Lunch Protest SuperSaiyanKirby, Invader Rob After the cafeteria starts to serve vegetables instead of brownies, Rock and Sluggy start a protest, but Bomb secretly tries to stop there boycott. May 25, 2002
22 Byte Me SuperSaiyanKirby,


Bomb's computer gets a virus, so she and Rock go inside the computer to battle the virus. June 1, 2002
23 Sluggish Love SuperSaiyanKirby, Invader Rob Sluggy falls in love with a new slug in town, Slugina, and gets nervous, so he asks Rock and Bomb for advice, but they soon backfire. June 8, 2002
24 It Came From The School's Basement SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel, Invader Rob Rock, Bomb, and Sluggy get after-school detendion on purpose to search the School's basement for the mysterious noises coming from it, but they soon regret it as Jerky has also gotten detention. June 15, 2002
25 Pay Day SuperSaiyanKirby, Invader Rob Jerky starts to get rewarded money from people after he allegedly saved the school from a sinkhole, but Rock tries to prove the people wrong. June 22, 2002
26 Last Day of 6th Grade SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel, Invader Rob, DerpyPanda24 It's the last day of school, and Jerky is bullying at his hardest to beat the record for most people bullied, and has bullied everyone but Rock, which he plans to bully the hardest, so Bomb and Sluggy try to hide him until the last day of school ends. June 29, 2002

Season 2 (7th Grade)

# Title Written By Summary Airdate
27 7th Grade SuperSaiyanKirby Rock, Bomb, and Sluggy return to a new school year, and discover that Jessica from The Haunting episode is joining the school, Jerky is still a bully, and there new teachers. November 23, 2002
28 How to Get a bPod SuperSaiyanKirby Bomb attempts to get a bPod. Meanwhile, Bomb enters his pet bubble Pete in a pet show. November 30, 2002
29 Jerks & Ghosts SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel Jerky tries to bully Jessica, but soon he finds it's hard to bully a ghost. Meanwhile, Bomb tries to deal with a zit, and Jerry the Jar helps Sluggy with a science project. December 7, 2002
30 Wooblum Park SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel, DerpyPanda24 The school goes on a trip to the homeland of the Wooblums, Isla Wooblar. However, things take a downturn for the worst when the Wooblums start an uprising.
Title Parody: Jurassic Park
January 17, 2003
31 A Strange Story About Carrots SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel Sluggy's hate for carrots gets him involved in a protest in town on banning carrots from the town. Meanwhile, Bomb gets stressed when she has to take care of Jessica's pet crow, who may look innocent, but is shown to be a bit "evil". January 24, 2003
32 Lights Out SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel, DerpyPanda24 A power outage occurs, and everyone has to try to survive without their usual electronics. Rock and Sluggy, however, become very impatient for the power to come back as the release of a hit game for the eBox is delayed due to the power outage. Meanwhile, Jerky has trouble entertaining his little sister. January 31, 2003
33 The Future Looks Dumb SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel Rock dreams of a future where New Penguin City tries to defeat a robot menace known as the "Dumb Bots". February 7, 2003
34 The Curse of the Dinosaur SuperSaiyanKirby Rock accidentally brings a dinosaur back to life and it starts terrorizing the city. Fortunately, though, Bomb might know someone who can solve this dilemma. February 14, 2003

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