NOTE: The only people who may make episodes are IAmBagel, MattBoo, Robilist, HomestarSB9, Doug.scheer, Collector1, and JellyfishJam38.

Season 1

Random Rampaging Robots/Table: Rick and his friends start a group/ Rick attempts to get their parents an anniversery present, but he can only find a table (Airdate: 1/1/11)

Robo-Pets/My Name's Not Rick!: Rick and his friends start a pet shop/Rick forgets his name. (Airdate: 1/3/11)

Robot's Rule/ Marathon: Rick and his friends make a documentary/ Rick and R-C-D run in a marathon (Airdate: 1/6/11)

Rules of The Road/Sidewalk Blues: Rick get's run-overed by a car, so Cup and R-C-D take care of him/ Rick makes up a song (Airdate: 1/17/11)

Food Fight Fright/ Soda Error: Rick gets a bad dream about a food fight gone too wrong/ R-C-D drinks soda, but soon gets an error (Airdate: 1/25/11)

More TBA

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