NOTE: The only people who can make episodes are Robilist, IAmBagel, MattBoo, HomestarSB9, and whoever i give permission to.

ANOTHER NOTE: There are only two seasons.

Season 1

1:Life As A Ranger, Part 1: In Louisiana, Connor (Rob) is living his life when he finds a secret base in his room and actidently teleports James (Bagel), Matthew (Matt), and Graham (Homestar) to the base and they discover gem stones that transform them into rangers. (Airdate: TBA)

2: Life as a Ranger, Part 2: TBA

3: Strike of James: TBA

4: Crazy: TBA

5: Fishing For People: A evil fish sent by Master Kendi tries to fish for people, so now the gang must stop him, but when Matthew gets hooked, will the gang finish him off without him?

6: New Threat: Master Kendi starts to get into an agry state, and Nactor makes a servant to help Master Kendi destroy the Earth. Back on Earth, the servant (Manko) almost succseds in destroing them.

7: Sleep Goes Bye?: TBA

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