These are a list of episodes from the Poof and Foop TV series.

Season 1 (2009-2010)


# Episode A Brief Summary Episode B Brief Summary Airdate Title Card 1 Title Card 2
1 Doomed Poof Foop lets out a bunch of Foop clones to destroy Poof. Foop Froof Timmy and Poof prank Foop with a bunch of trick results. November 2, 2009
2 Crimes in Time Timmy and his fairies become crimefighters to get Foop but Foop tries to get them too. Drats, Not Again Poof is too weak to destory Foop, so Timmy wishes Poof had big powers to destory Foop. But magic lies against comptentions so how is Poof going to destory Foop? November 16, 2009
3 Poof, Foop, and Invader Zim Foop becomes Invader Zim's friend and they both try to destory Poof together. Poof's Final Hour Poof thinks he's got an final hour to destory Foop but Timmy and Cosmo say "no, it's not the final hour". Wanda says it too but Poof hear's it and he finally destorys Foop easily. November 29, 2009
4 Bye Fairy World Foop destorys Fairy World with an explosion. Now Timmy and his fairies, and his parents have to clean it all up. All Dodged Up Poof learns a new trick called "Baby Shield" by Timmy, and he can now fight it with Foop. December 9, 2009
5 Frenemies For Life Poof gets bullied by a kindergardener at school. Foop joins in with the bully. But when the bully picks on Foop as well, can Poof find the courage to stand up for himself and Foop? Smellementary School Foop and Poof go to school together and Foop tries to get Poof into trouble. December 13, 2009


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