This is a list of episodes of the children's television show, Pete Coldary.

Series Overview

Season Episodes First aired Last aired DVD release
1 52 April 4, 2011 March 25, 2013 June 26, 2014
2 39 September 2, 2013 September 21, 2014 November 12, 2015
3 (BaconNetwork) 13 April 18, 2015 Present

Nicktoons run

The series had 2 seasons and 91 episodes aired on Nicktoons.

Season 1

  1. Milkshake Museum (4/4/11)- Pete and Colin make a milkshake and watch a video about milkshake history.
  2. Cabin Fever (4/11/11)- a snowstorm leaves everyone in the hotel snowed in. 
  3. Dreaming (4/18/11)- Colin falls asleep while doing homework and has a weird dream.
  4. Locker Buzz (4/25/11)- Pete puts his stuff in a locker for swimming, but forgets where the locker is.
  5. Funky Zoo (5/1/11)- the boys visit the zoo and feed seals. (Aired on the creator's birthday)
  6. Happy Anniversary (5/8/11)- the boys try to make a romantic restaurant for their parent's anniversary.
  7. TV Problems (5/25/11)- the family have a struggle setting up their new TV.

Season 2

  1. Banana Productions (9/2/13)- Pete has fun with a banana.
  2. Shut Up and Eat Pies (9/2/13)- the family are constantly followed by a boy trying to sell them pie.

BaconNetwork run

An additional 13 episodes for BaconNetwork have been running throughout the time. Episodes 9-13 were all one-worded.

  1. Super-Cheese (4/6/15)- Pete creates a cheesy superhero... literally.
  2. I Work (and so do I) (4/13/15)- the boys get weekend jobs in a sandwich shop.
  3. Yogurt (4/20/15)- Pete attempts to make a sidekick for Super-Cheese.
  4. Drive-Thru (4/27/15)- a simple fast-food drive-thru turns into a Coldary adventure.
  5. BSTV: Boring Shopping Televison (5/4/15)- the TV gets stuck on a shopping channel, the boys' worst nightmare has come true.
  6. GES (5/11/15)- when the family get a new gaming system, the boys become addicted fast.
  7. Shopping (5/18/16)- Pete and Colin turn a shopping trip into an adventure.
  8. Town Parade (5/25/16)- Pete and Colin participate in the town parade.
  9. Spooky (9/26/16)- Colin hears strange noises throughout the night.
  10. Storm (10/3/16)- the boys have trouble coping during a thunder storm.
  11. Bread (10/10/16)- Pete is a little confused while buying bread.
  12. Hitch-hiker (10/17/16)- a hitch-hiker in the car gets a little awkward.
  13. Bye (10/24/16) Series Finale- the boys make one last video before their favourite video site is closed forever.

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