Season 1

Flashbacks: William wakes up with scars and cuts all over his body, as he starts to regain his memory of the operation. TV-14 LV

CityScape: with Officer William missing, the other 6 start looking for him while he attempts a takedown on R1pt1de. TV-14 LV

The Duel: Officer William finally fights R1pt1de in an attempt to stop the bombing. TV-14 V

Aaron: Aaron, a brave 18-year-old man, is drafted to the SWAT Team in the Operation Z effort. Once he finds out about the real meaning of all this, he gets killed, but not before the 7 rebel SWAT members knew. TV-14 LV

The Operation Spreads: Operation Z spreads the entire US. the episode contains no appearance of the 7 rebels. TV-14 V

The Guns: TV-14 LV

Empire State: TV-14 V

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