This Is A list of episodes of Nicktoons Living On An Island

Episode Name and No. Episode Description Eliminated Character Name Parody

1 - Welcome To Nick Island!

The campers arrive on the Island. None None

2 - Chickens vs Cows

The two teams put on hats of Chickens or Cows and its a simple game of tag hide & seek. AJ Monsters vs Aliens
3 - Bright Light The teams are stuck in a cave and they must find a glowing torch in order to get out. Carl Wheezer Twilight
4 - Totally Dramatic Campers The campers compete in an acting contest. Sandy Cheeks Total Drama Island
5 - Very OddParents The campers get stuck with weird people who act as their parents. Danny Phantom Fairly OddParents
6 - Super Nerd Bros. Jimmy forms an alliance with Rocko and Darwin. Wanda Super Smash Bros.
7 - The Story So Far.... A Compilation Episode. Hosted by AJ and Carl. None None
8 - Phobia Factor The campers face their fears. Private None
9 - Test of Love The campers are paired into two and couples are made Cosmo None
10 - The Sweet Life The campers have to eat through a mountain of candy. Darwin The Suite Life
11 - Titanic 2 The campers believe that they are on a luxury cruise ship that suddenly starts to sink! The last person to leave wins the challenge. Jenny Wakeman Titanic
12 - Planet of the Idiots The campers have to spend a day trying to teach idiots how to count to 10, the team with the smartest kid wins. Stimpy Planet of the Apes
13 - Campers of the Jungle The campers have to spend a whole night out in the woods. Patrick Star George of the Jungle
14 - The Legend of Nicktoons The campers become historians and have to investigate the history of Camp Nicktoons, the team with the most interesting findings win. Zim The Legend of Zelda
15 - Cooking in Sunshine The campers have to make a meal for King Julien, but Mr. Krabs will put some disgusting ingredients in and the campers have to find out what the ingredient is and take it out of the meal. Timmy Turner Walking On Sunshine
16 - Julienzilla The teams merge but three campers (Private, Sandy and Wanda) come back and have to stop a mad Julien from destroying the Island! As well as an illegal alliance being formed None (Reward Challenge) Godzilla
17 - War of the Nerds Jimmy's alliance gains a new member (Sandy) and soon begins a fight with another alliance consisting of SpongeBob, Sheen and Private. Eliza Thornberry War of the Worlds
18 - The Story So Far..... Part 2! A compilation episode covering everything from Privates elimination to Elizas elimination None None
19 - Pirates of Camp Nicktoons The remaining campers have to steal as many items from each other, the camper with the most items wins. Rocko Pirates of the Carribean
20 - Keys to the Island The campers have to find a key in a random area that they pick out from a box and use it to open a chest Sam Manson None
21 - The Wild Nicktoons The campers have to hunt down a chosen animal and bring it back to camp in order to win the challenge Squidward Tentacles The Wild Thornberrys
22 - The Nick-Men The remaining campers have to become superheroes and rescue King Julien (dressed as a princess) from a volcano  Wanda The X-Men
23 - Nick Kart The nicktoons go racing and an illegal alliance is revealed, (Mr. Krabs and Private). Jazz Fenton Mario Kart
24 - Robot Nicktoons King Julien transforms the Toons into Robots, to win they have to rip apart their robot skin (except for Gir who has to rip off Human Skin) Private None
25 - Playa Des Losers: Double Elimination! Two people go home in this episode! GIR and Sandy None
26 - NickBound The campers have to travel Nick woods in order to find pieces of an Earth jigsaw that have faces of eliminated campers on them. Sheen Estevez EarthBound
27 - Popularity Winner The final episode, The eliminated campers vote for who wins, ending with Skipper as the winner! Jimmy Neutron, Chester McBadbat, SpongeBob SquarePants, Tommy Pickles None


A sequel has been announced, Nicktoons: Act to Win.