NOTE: Only Sr.Wario, IAmBagel, Dimentio8, and Invader Rob can make episodes.

Season 1

1. No User's Land: In the pilot, four surviving users band together to look for food, and encounter the evil LT Fan.

2. Food: The users find a huge underground shelter full of food, and start to argue about who gets what.

3. The Entity: The Entity drops the group into a obstacle course, and they must use teamwork to get out.

4. Fanons: The characters created by the users struggle to build a resistance against LT Fan.


24. Peace at Last: TBA

25. Origins, Part 1: In the two-part season final, the users go on the internet and get sucked into Nickelodeon Fanon and become there assigned fanon selfs and must save the fanon world from LT Fan. They also meet the fanons.

26. Origins, Part 2: While the Fanons try to take down LT Fan's army, Wario trys to break LT Fan's machine that gets him connected to the internet, and Rob, Dimentio, and Bagel fight LT Fan himself.

Season 2

27: New Villains, New Fanons: TBA


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