NOTE:' The only people who may make episodes are JonathanAlbrard, SuperSaiyanKirby, IAmBagel, Invader Rob, MattBoo, David Cardino, Doug.scheer, HomestarSB9, Collector1, JellyfishJam38, ZimFan, Sr. Wario, pac-man 64, CandHfan621, and Theweb0123.

Season 1

1: A New Legacy Adventures, Part 1: When Acorn Madness was Dead, Mr. Fan and OZER-640 to New Legacy Era, SuperSaiyanKirby and MattBoo Trying to Stop him of the Villain (Airdate: 12/17/2015)

First Appearances: Mr. Fan, SuperSaiyanKirby, MattBoo, Invader Rob, Homestar Runner, Kirby, Y-Guy, Mango, Pac-man 64, Yoshi, Ami, Random SIR, Sidney, Casy, Collector, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Yum-Yum, LT Fan, OZER-640, and Dr. King Kong

2: A New Legacy Adventures, Part 2: Mr. Fan Drive a Secret True for Kirby of the Legend. Ami and Sidney to Go of the weapon Attack of the Dr. King Kong (Airdate: 12/27/2015)

First Appearances: Professor Carrotstein, RACK, Hearty, Gum, Thomas the Goat

3: Drop and the Water Dragon: Mr. Fan and Rainbow Dash to Making a Water Dragon. it the Spider to Gang Outside (Airdate: 1/2/2016)

First Appearances: Spider, Dish Mind

4: Flip King of the Galaxy: Invader Rob and Mr.Fan get stuck in an alturnate Galaxy and must work with eachother to escape. (Airdate: 1/8/2016)

First Appearances: Nicky, Brandon, Dr. Boom

5: Planets: Mr. Fan Push a Box under the Water. A Invader Rob and RACK over the Sea is Not the Box. (Airdate: 1/8/2016)

6: The Mystery Portal: Mr. Fan and Mango to go back into a GLaDOS. GLaDOS a Mystery to a Portal. (Airdate: 1/22/2016)

First Appearance: GLaDOS

7: Sea Monkeys to Crew Inside: Mr. Fan back to a Crew inside a Sea Monkey. (Airdate: 1/29/2016)

8: The Star: Mr. Fan and Dr. King Kong to the Moon a Galaxy. (Airdate: 2/3/2016)

First Appearance: Anti-SuperSaiyanKirby

9: Bad Eggs: Mr. Fan Out of Control with Chicken Robot, Mr. Fan Eats a Bad Eggs, A Mr. Fan they get Sick. (Airdate: 2/8/2016)

10: A Old Legacy: Mr. Fan are Horrible Old Legacy, Mango was Fake Era than he Rainbow Dash into a Old Era. (Airdate: 2/11/2016)

11: Anti-Fan: Mr. Fan get Anti-Fan for Evil of the Negative-Fan. (Airdate: 2/14/2016)

12: The End of Era, Part One: LT Fan and Plankton to a Plan for Evil. Mr. Fan must stop him (Airdate: 2/22/2016)

13: The End of Era, Part Two: LT Fan and Plankton are destroyed, Mr. Fan to Stop there Goons. Dr. King Kong Exit to Escape. Mr. Fan friends leave at the end of the episode (Airdate: 2/22/2016)

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