This is a list of episodes for the Nicktoon, Misadv. of Maverick.

Season 1: (2010-2011)

  1. Maverick Tattles / Maverick Spies With His Little Eyes (March 27, 2010) Maverick won't stop tattling. / Maverick takes an I Spy joke too far.
  2. Macy's Broken Toy / Maverick Orders Out (March 27, 2010) Maverick breaks Macy's doll. / Maverick calls the cops on his family.
  3. Maverick Hates Summer / I, Mavbot (April 3, 2010) Maverick is forced to go to summer school. / Maverick builds a robot duplicate of himself.
  4. Mav Eats Orange Slices / Macy's B-Day (April 10, 2010) Maverick gets whacked out on orange slice candy. / Maverick ruins Macy's 7th birthday.
  5. Maverick Goes Crazy (April 17, 2010) Maverick goes on a rampage.
  6. Matthew A Go-Go / Maverizza (April 24, 2010) Matthew can't do anything anymore. / Maverick accidentally adds poison onto a pizza he made.
  7. Keep Out / Alien Abduction (May 1, 2010) Macy makes a girl-only club with Kierra and Tink that Maverick isn't allowed to be in. / Maverick thinks that Grandpa Phil is an alien.
  8. Demolition Derby / Brain Freeze (August 21, 2010) Matthew challenges Maverick all of his toys for a one-round kart race. But the problem is they can't drive. / Maverick eats too much ice cream and freezes.
  9. Kierra and Wyatt / Maverick's Ball (August 28, 2010) The two cousins Kierra and Wyatt spend the night at Macy's house. / Grandpa Phil takes away Maverick's ball after accidentally breaking Grandpa Phil's window.
  10. Mav's Cake / Kiss Me, I'm Canadian (September 4, 2010) Maverick must have cake. / Maverick thinks that Macy is a Canadian after watching a horror movie about Canadians (this episode insults viewers in Canada and was banned in Canada).
  11. Maverick's Last Sister Prank (September 18, 2010) Maverick gets busted after using a real farting whoopie coushion that Macy sits on.
  12. Merry Christmas, Mav! (December 25, 2010) Matthew and Macy tries to tell Mav that the true spirit of Christmas is the birth of Jesus and not just presents.
  13. Maverick Loves Who? / Dupli-Macy (Febrary 13, 2011 / January 30, 2011) Maverick keeps a secret (him loving a girl) on Valentine's Day. / Macy gets cloned.
  14. Mav's Truth Ache / Marshall Meets the Potty (February 6, 2011) Maverick unknowingly drinks truth serum and reveals his deep and dark secrets. / Marshall sees a toilet for the first time ever.
  15. Macy's Room / Barnyard Helper (February 13, 2011) Maverick isn't allowed in Macy's room. / Maverick helps Grandma Monica around the farm.

Season 2: (2011-present)

  1. My Big Fat Stupid Wedding / Maverick Expresses Himself (April 23, 2011) Maverick ruins a relative's wedding. / Maverick creates his own world.
  2. Movies For Mav / It's Winter, Mav! (April 30, 2011) It's movie night, and poor Maverick always misses them. / Maverick believes he saw snow that appears when no one but him is looking.
  3. Tink and Marshall / Maverick's TV (May 7, 2011) Tink and Marshall have a playdate. / Maverick loses his TV privliges.
  4. Viral Videos / I Didn't Do It! (May 14, 2011) Maverick watches inappropriate viral videos that soon give him nightmares. / Maverick makes excuses out of trouble.
  5. Tink's First Day of Preschool / The B.B.Q. Story (May 21, 2011) It's Tink's first day at preschool, and Maverick tries to ruin it. / Grandma Monica and Grandpa Phil have a barbacue party.
  6. Mav on Audiotape / Macy For President (May 28, 2011) Matthew records Maverick breaking a vase on audiotape. / Macy gets elected for president.
  7. The Grand Festival (June 11, 2011) There is a gala that all the cousins want to go to, but there is only one ticket left.

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