This is a list of episodes of Mina and the Count.

Season 1

# Title Overview
1 Interlude with a Vampire

After Mina goes to bed, Vlad visits her. First coming to suck out the blood of a teenager but by Igor's mistake ended up in Mina's room.

Debuts: Mina Harper, Mr. Harper, Vlad the Count, Igor

2 FrankenFrog

After Victor and Vlad "revive" Mina's doll she wants to do the same at desection day with the frog Nick cut apart. However everyone is terrified of the frog and chaos is created. Vlad heads out so he can stop the frog.

Debuts: FrankenFrog, Nick Powell, Martha Halle, Mrs. Goodheart, Deen & Duim

3 The Ghoul's Tribunal

Vlad's friends come over to play some cards but discover that he hangs around with a human girl and drag him for the Ghoul's Tribunal. Igor meanwhile tries to figure out a way to fix what he had done.

Debuts: Victor Frankenstein, Knight, Dr. Freckle, Karloff, Nip, Gill-Man, King Tutankhamun

4 The Vampire Who Came to Dinner

Vlad is invited by Mina to dinner along with her family. But when Vlad meets Lucy he becomes very tempted with her blood, and she even has a crush on Vlad. To make is even worse he has to eat human food too.

Debuts: Lucy Harper, Bobby (mention)

5 My Best Friend

Mina is bullied by Nick at her school, so she asks Vlad for advice against bullies. She tries several things but it won't work, so Vlad takes matter in his own hands.

6 Playing a Hunch

Vlad had invited Mina over although Igor didn't want that anymore. Vlad then tries to hide Mina so that Igor won't discover that Mina is in the castle.

7 Brightfull Moon

After Luna discovered the friendship of Mina and Vlad she is planning to kill Mina in order to emotionally destroy Vlad. However every attempt to kill Mina is messed up by humans in her way.

Debuts: Luna, Dr. West

8 Night at Count's Castle

During a discussion about monsters, Nick says he wants to see who can stay the longest in the abandoned castle on top of the hill. Mina, Martha, Peter, Jesse, Deem & Duim all accept to challenge to stay the whole night at the castle.

Debuts: Klauss, Jesse

9 Bloodball

Lucy wants to go to a football game but also has to babysit on Mina so she takes her along. Vlad however questions where Mina is and goes out to find her only to mess up the whole football game, and also having to deal with his stalker Lucy again.

10 The Vampire Gala

Vlad has a gala in his castle, but everyone comes with a date. So he asks Mina to be his date, but she has to play dress-up again or it won't work. Some woman on the gala get suspicious of Mina.

Debuts: Cleopatra, Gill-Woman, Mistress of Evil

11 F Stands for Fang

Mina and Vlad are playing together too often that Mina forgets to study for tests. So when she gets an F her father and Mrs. Goodheart want to visit Vlad's house. Igor fixes a cottage and dresses up as Vlad's wife to make everything less suspicious.

12 Vampire Investigation

Now that Nick believes in vampires he is out to find and kill the vampire that hangs out with Mina. He seeks out for someone who specializes in hunting vampires but that person turns out to be a retard.

Debuts: Edmund

13 Glimmer

Mina wants to take Vlad to the cinema and wants to see a vampire film. Vlad hasn't seen any vampire films so is exited however the film dissapoints him very much and gets mad at all the fangirls and wants to show them real vampires.

14 The Nightingale

Nip comes to Vlad for help because her Nightingale flew away and asks Vlad if he can get is back. However Mina offers her help and goes out of her own to seek the bird.

Debuts: The Nightingale

15 A Nightmare on Foggy Lane

A monster, called Dreamcaster, is reaping the dreams of the children and turns them into nightmares. After Vlad and Mina find this out they try to make the Dreamcaster come to them so they can defeat him.

Debuts: Dreamcaster

16 The Howling

Luna has returned and wants to kill Mina. This time however she disguises herself as a lost family member of Mina who wants to meet her 'family'. Vlad however soon notices that there is something strange about that relative.

17 Mina is the Boss

Mina goes to school and notices that Nick is absent what never happened before. Deem and Duim don't know what to do anymore without Nick so they follow Mina, as she is the best leader after Nick. However Mina becomes the bully herself now.

18 Where's my Monster!?

When Mina and Vlad are playing Victor storms into the castle and says that Karloff is missing and that they have to find him. Mina decides to go along with Victor to find him. Vlad and Igor meanwhile try to comfort Mary.

19 A Real Hunter

After school Nick is approached by a vampire hunter who calls himself C. He says he knows who Nick is hunting and wants to get rid of him, and Mina, too. The two team up and do an assault on the Count's Castle.

Debuts: Vampire Hunter C

20 No Head, No Entry

Mina is walking home after a playdate at Vlad when she suddenly encounters Knight. Mina notices that something is troubling Knight and Knight tells he wants a head, like others. Mina says he will help him find a head. Vlad and Igor get an house inspection of Dr. Feckle.

21 The Bloodmoon (part 1)

Nick and C have prepared themselves to defeat Vlad. However also Luna has returned and teams up with the two in their plan. Vlad, Mina and Igor have to stop their plan from happening. The problem only is that Luna also has a pack of wolves that they can't defeat alone so the other monsters come and help too.

22 The Bloodmoon (part 2)

After Nick discovers that Luna and C also want to kill Mina he leaves the two to save Mina. While the monsters are fighting the wolves; Mina, Vlad, Igor and Nick try to get save. Igor and Nick try to stop the two but get badly injured. Vlad sees no other option and wants to bite Mina, but suddenly a power within Mina awakens.

Season 2

# Title Overview
1 Monster at School After the events that happened last weekend, Mina, Martha and Nick promise to keep all this for themselves, but find trouble in keeping it a secret. Especially when Vlad pays a visit to the school undercover.
2 Fishing at the Pond

Mina, Vlad and Igor go night fishing when they suddenly discover a monster in the lake. Mina and Igor (on demand) go underwater to find the monster.

Debuts: Loch Ness

3 Van Hellsing

Luna and C heard about the legend of Van Hellsing and travel to Netherland to fin him. Meanwhile Vlad tells Mina a story about his encounter with Van Hellsing.

Debuts: Abram van Hellsing

4 Panic at the Clinic

Vlad is having pain in his mouth and Mina says it must be his teeth so requests to take him to the dentist. Vlad however is very scared that they discover he is a vampire, but Mina assures that they won't figure that out in the disguise she made for him.

5 Dad with a Goodheart Mr. Harper had to go to school for a conversation with Miss. Goodheart which eventually led to them dating. Mina gets really annoyed by it so asks Nip to help get rid off her teacher by haunting their house.
6 Museum Trip Mina's class goes to the museum. They visit the Egyptian section and Mina discovers that King Tut lives there. Mina, Nick and Marsha stay with him for some time. Anubis on the other hand kidnapps Jesse and wants to sacrifice her so they go to stop him. Vlad and Igor ran out of food and go to the MonsterMarkt to get some new food.
7 The Lone Wolf A background story exploring the past of Luna. How she got thrown out of her wolf pack, out of the monster council and more.
8 Igor's Day Off Igor takes a day off, which leaves Vlad in charge of all the daily jobs. Meanwhile Mina and Martha take Igor out for a nice day in the town.

Season 3

# Title Overview

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