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1 20 September 26, 2013 April 24, 2014

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Season 1 (2013/14)

Mike, Mikee & Michael season 1 episodes
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1 1
"You Welcome to my House, Little Bro!"
September 26, 2013 11.34
Mike Shapiro was a 20 years old rich boy who living in his own beach House and he gets a woman in his life great. That night, Mike been woke up and hear door bell and it's his two little brothers Mikee and Michael Shapiro are moving in by his parents, Mike is shock and tires to get them out of his life, but in the end Mike becoming a good brother because the following Mikee and Michael tries to be like Michael and they start having fun in to there life.

Notes: This is the first episode show on.

2 2
"Don't Forget to Flush the Toilet, Mikee"
October 3, 2013 10.22
Mike making a room space for Mikee and Michael to stay his house and tired to get some hot chick to follow Mike step.
3 3
"Big Bag with Dog Hair"
October 10, 2013 9.78
Michael's parents bough him a pet dog name, Mike the named after his big brother. Mike don't like that Michael let the dog in the house and causing a trouble.
4 4
"All Set for Your First Music Video"
October 24, 2013 8.67
Mike and Mikee making a music video "The Girl From Next Door" from Mike's album. Mike using his new girlfriend name Madonna to his music video as a hot girl. After the work, Madonna starting get close to Mikee and kiss him, Mike founds out and thinking he's cheating on him. But Mikee tires to explain him, but Mike never believe. meanwhile, Michael and his friend, Tom using a spy video camera to all what his brothers doing.
5 5
"I'm Not that Scary. Maybe a Little"
October 31, 2013 8.78
It's Halloween, Mike decide to throw a monster party in his house and his house a spooky beach house.
6 6
"Baby Don't Swim"
November 7, 2013 8.98
The Boys must look after mother's boss' baby and they took off. They try the baby stop crying and ruin the place, Mike getting grumpy and decide to take out to the surf leaving Mikee and Michael behind.
7 7
"There's a Snake in My Back"
November 14, 2013 8.46
When Mike head out to the concert practise and Mikee and Tom put Tom's snake in Mike's bag and Mike got kick out the concert place forever and try to get himself back again. Elsewhere Mikee got huge crush on a hot girl, May and try to get good advice of her.
8 8
"Surprise, Surprise"
November 21, 2013 8.48
When They Granny comes over to stay for one night cause by her house was set on fire and tires to find a new apartment, Mike
9 9
"The Challenges is Now... Bang!"
November 28, 2013 7.68
Mike and Mikee have a bet to see who can how much longest there take and they tired to get themselves lose bet.
10 10
"I'm Sexy Santa, YoYoYo"
December 5, 2013 7.74
The Shapiro planning a Christmas Party on Christmas Eve invite with his family & friends.
11 11
"My Beautiful Gutair"
January 2, 2014 6.71
Mikee and Michael accidentally destory Mike's Gutair of Elvis. Mikee and Michael must tired to buy another one and get a new Elvis' sign before Mike comes home from his date.
12 12
"Maintenant vous pouvez embrasser la mariée"
January 9, 2014 5.70
Mikee have his email from Paris, Clémence was very pretty is over to visit and Mikee and Mike heard Clémence over a phone say that she was homesick. So they made Mike's house more like from Paris and Mikee accidenaly got Mike to Marriage Clémence and things get out of control.

Notes: The French title episode to English, "Now you may kiss the bride"

13 13
"Release the Dogs"
January 30, 2014 5.57
Michael get Vengeance on Mike thinking that he stealing Michael's teacher that Michael have a crush on her. Mikee gets tired of Mike for treat him like a pussy.
14 14
"Poor Mrs. Blarney"
February 6, 2014 4.91
Mikee invites Emily, a fellow teacher on whom he has a crush, for special dinner at the apartment. Everyone warms up to Emily except for Mike. Emily's daughter, Maddie becomes attracted to Michael while he is helping out for dinner.
15 15
"Viva, Viva Las Vegas"
February 27, 2014 5.12
Mike planning to go Las Vegas to get Mikee over after Emily who moves to England. Meanwhile Michael is alone in Mike's house and decide to throw his party without finding out.
16 16
"You Slet With Mrs. Holland"
March 6, 2014 4.93
Mikee accidentally sleep with his own Home Teacher and became too much trouble.
17 17
"There's Your Car"
March 13, 2014 5.02
After Mikee sleep with Mrs. Holland, (from the last episode). Her husband, Kevin came home and found out about it and get vengeance on Mikee.
18 18
"Think About Australia"
April 3, 2014 6.18
Michael have a school tests alone helping with Mikee. Meanwhile, Mike tired to break-up with her girlfriend, Maddie.
19 19
"I'm Gonna to Get You Son of a B"
April 10, 2014 7.04
After the break up with Maddie, Maddie tired to get Mike back for breaking up with her.
20 20
"Struck in the Middle Desert Episode"
April 24, 2014 6.67

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