These are the episodes for the Nickelodeon series, "Make Room for Us!".

Season 1 (2007-2008)

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Meeting the Robot September 1, 2007 After the first day of school, Sophie, Miranda, and Tyler Berlgarg discover a magical talking robot in they're attic. 101
2 Troll of Damage September 8, 2007 Mr. Roboto accidentally opens up a portal and an orange troll jumps out of it. Now, the kids have to try to keep the troll from going downstairs.
Guest star: John DiMaggio as The Troll
3 Hall of Flame September 15, 2007 The kids take Mr. Roboto to school, and their teacher, Sammy Berlgarg, suspects that they are hiding something.
Guest star: David Hornsby as Sammy Berlgarg
4 I'm Crazy About You September 22, 2007 Coco sees Mr. Roboto with the kids, so she tries to get proof that the robot is real.
Guest star: Jennette McCurdy as Coco Nerman
5 Are You Chicken? September 29, 2007 Miranda ends up with the chicken pox, so Mr. Roboto calls his brother, Dr. Roboto, and he tells them that they need the antidote from Chicken Pox Island.
Guest star: Jeff Glen Bennett as Dr. Roboto