This is an episode list of the Nickelodeon TV series Jump & WolfWolf.

Pilots (2006)

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 World of Pudding September 25, 2006 Jump and WolfWolf is teleported to The World of Pudding, but when WolfWolf eats a Pudding-Person, War of Pudding begins. P01
2 Babysitting the Baby October 2, 2006 The two has to babysit they're baby sister, Bebe. P02
3 Libbers' Workout October 6, 2006 Libbers wants to go to the beach, but he has to work out in order to get ladies. P03
4 Scare Your Pants Off! October 31, 2006 After getting scared by Utinsells, Jump and WolfWolf has to get they're pants from running away from them. P04