Season 1

1:Welcome To The Dump:

Jersey and Freezy move into the dump.

2:The TV:

Jersey and Freezy must not  eat waffles  for a week in order to afford a TV.

3:The Fly:

Jersey and Freezy try to deal with a fly in their house.

4:Night Of The Living Bread:

Zombie bread goes after Jersey, Freezy, and the gang.

5:Lak The Snipper:

When a bully from Jersey's childhood decides to pay him a visit, Freezy and Roasty teach Jersey how to fight.

6:A Jersey Carol (Half Hour Christmas Special):

The gang reenact A Christmas Carol, with Jersey as Scrooge.

7:The Day The Dump Stood Still (Season Finale)

Freezy is convinced aliens will invade the dump.

Season 2


1.Freezy's Parents

Freezy's parents decide to visit him. However,Jersey fears that they will hate him due to past difficulties between their races.

2.Musical Insanity

Jersey can't stop listenting to an incredibly irritating  but catchy song.

3.Tiny's Very Own Episode

Tiny gets an episode of his own.


Jersey and Freezy try to bring a  band back together

5.When Snowmen Ruled The Earth

Freezy tells the tales of him as a young snowman.

6. Into  The Woods 

Jersey, Jack, and Roasty have a camping trip in the woods. Problems arise when they encounter a hungry wolf. Meanwhile, Freezy can't stop licking himself.

7.Unbestest Of Friends (2 part episode  and season finale)

A mix up leads up to Jersey and Freezy ending their friendship , but the two soon realize they cannot make it without eachother

Season 3

1.Waffle Quest

The boys discover they are fresh out of waffles and go on a  journey through the 5th dimension to find some more.

2.Truth or Jersey Devil  (Half - Hour Special)

When the boys get locked in their refridgerator, they reveal shocking truths about themselves to each other.

3. Rebel Without A Hat

Freezy misplaces his hat and searches everywhere  for it... until it turns out it was under his bed the whole time.

4. Home Disimprovement

Jersey and Freezy try to improve their house. Shenanagains follow from there.

5. The King Of Waffles

Jersey and Freezy meet the one and only King of waffles.

6. Snowman  Mega Ultra X612

Freezy tries to become cool. 


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