There's one-hundred cartoons. So enjoy it.

Title: Creator: Information Same/Change Name Short/Series
Toothpaste Trouble Wiki Contributor a jersey devil and a snowman discover a toothpaste. Hilarity follows from there. Change Name:Jersey And Freezy Series
Daniel and His Chicken Brother! MeeksMan a 16 year old boy who walks and there's a bus crash him and fall into fields and landed on a toxic waste can and was running and screaming and turn into a chicken and his 11 year old brother tried to turn him cured as well, if he do. Change Name: My Chicken Bro! Series
Free Ghost! Justdanceangainer 12 year old Jeremiah finds a ghost online and he's free. Miah gets chased by the ghost police for having a ghost Same : Free Ghost! Series
Pearlium Founding Curiousgorge66 The UK turns into Pearlium (the cartoon takes place in 2018) Change Name: Pearlium Life Live-action series
Y-Guy: The Big Freeze Curiousgorge66 A spin-off of Y-Guy. Y-Guy feels colder and colder. Same: Y-Guy: The Big Freeze! Series
No Fee


Natasha Allegri

A pizza boy wants a fee. He has to get there in 30 minutes or less. Change Name: Pizza Boy


Nicktoons: End Of The Cartoon World


The Nicktoons try to save the world! Change Name: Cartoon Crossover: End Of The Cartoon World Video Game & story
Lenny's World Michael Collington adamp5104 Lenny, along with his brother, Fred, helps curing their No.1 BFF! Change Name: Lenny's World: Fun in the Sun Web Series on GOAnimate
Mike The Knight kills Julius Jr. and gets Ungrounded


Alvin Hung

Mike The Knight decides to kill Julius Jr. for taking over his timeslot! Change Name: Mike The Knight ungrounded videos Web series on GoAnimate, spin-off of Mike The Knight
Julius Jr. gets grounded


Michael Collington

Julius Jr. gets beat up by Mike The Knight for giving cancer to the world and grounded. Same: Julius Jr. gets grounded Web series on Goanimate, spin-off of Julius Jr.
Mike The Knight beats up the Bubble Guppies/Ungrounded


Pendleton  Ward

Alvin Hung

Mike The Knight beat up the Bubble Guppies! Finn appears and is happy they are injured. Same Part of a web series on Goanimate (Mike The Knight ungrounded videos)
Comic Haven Curiousgorge66 A boy wants to get into a place known as "Comic Haven". Same Series
:the cartoon: Curiousgorge66 Just a spin-off of :the game: that contains Nickelodeon characters. Same Web series on Newgrounds
Sora the Alien Girl MeeksMan After losing her mother, and her race to war, a curious teenage girl alien, crash landed her escape pod in the middle of California. Only to found by two Mexican-American brothers. Now she had to repair her escape pod back to Space, before the Wrath, Sora's rivals will take over the entire universe. Same Series

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