These are the episodes of the Nick sitcom,It All Works For Cartoons!.

Season 1

# Title Airdate Short Summary Code
1 Moving In! May 1, 2011 The Nicktoons moves to NickWorld.
2 Green Ink May 8, 2011 A villian tries to squirt the Nicktoons to green ink.
3 The Greaser Dogs Returns May 15, 2011

The Greasers Dog from CatDog returns and tries to beat Cat and Dog to pulps.

4 The Stolen Pencin May 22, 2011 Doug's pencil gets stolen by a criminal
5 Meet The Penguins! May 29, 2011 The Penguins from The Penguins of Madagascar meets the Nicktoons.
4 Too Much Night Lights! June 5, 2011 SpongeBob gets too much night lights.
5 Reptar Wagon Troubles June 12, 2011 Tommy's Reptar Wagon goes out of control going through train tracks.
6 Bubble! June 19, 2011 SpongeBob and Tommy blows a big bubble that they got trapped in it.
4 Toy Trouble June 16, 2011 The NickToons gets a new toy that actually was a real rocket!
5 Rocket Power! TBA 2011 The Rocket Family visits the Nicktoons.