This is a list of Fanonaria episodes. (Sr.Wario, IAmBagel, and The Real Slim Shady may add episodes. Only Sr.Wario can delete episodes.)

Season 1

  1. Users Unite!: Formed by King Steli, three unlikely friends are brought together to bring down LT Lord's incoming battleship, The Flying Shark.
  2. Codename: ROB: On a raid, the trio rescuses an alien who joins the team. Meanwhile, the alien's brother is trained as a secret apprentice to LT Lord.
  3. The Battle: The heroes confront LT Lord and his battleship, The Flying Shark, and they go into a battle.
  4. King Steli's Letter: After King Steli disappears, the users team up with the fanons to search for him, while LT Lord plans a surprise attack on the users.
  5. The Hagel Zone: After testing out Brandon's new invention, the users find themselves stuck in Hagel's mind. Now they must survive living in Hagel's mind while Brandon tries to make an escape plan
  6. Chain Reaction: In the future, the Shelion Republic rules the world and all of the Users and Fanons were killed off except for Dimentio, who travels back in time to warn the heroes.
  7. Sibling Rivalry: Rob and Drake finally battle face-to-face but struggle to come to grasps with how to confront each other.
  8. The Clone Lames: LT Lord somehow gets Mr.W's DNA, and makes an army of Mr.W clones to destroy The Users.
  9. Threat: The Shelion Republic threatens to launch a nuclear attack on King Steli's Kingdom, which upsets the villagers.
  10. Uneasy Meeting: The User meet up with Lord LT, Drake, Doctor Carrotstien, and Mr. B to try to make peace but learn it's a trap.

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