List of Pumpkin Dave episodes are the episodes of the mini series for this month.


The Origins of Dave:a boy named Dave got turn into a Jack-o Lantern and his friend Lloyd dies from a bus accident and turns into a ghost. Dave/PumpkinDude has to turned back at November. Date:September 22, 2012.

Season 1

Revenge of George:PumpkinDude sees a haystack named George and gets jealous for him got turned by one of the pumpkins. Date:October 6, 2012.

Things are Stupid:a boy named Josh sees PumpkinDude and tell him what he is a pumpkin because he been turned into a pumpkin and Josh became jealous to see PumpkinDude who saves October and Josh became a frankenstein and PumpkinDude tries to stop him. Date:October 6, 2012.

Dub Video:PumpkinDude sees a Video has been a dub on Looptube (YouTube) and make a computer animated video. Date:October 13, 2012.

Explosion Alter:Lloyd sees a alter bell because there's a radioactive ooze Explosion and 10 teens turns into mutants of the explosion. so Lloyd will stop them. Date:October 13, 2012.

Gooey Ooze:PumpkinDude and Lloyd sees some ooze are gooey and stretchy. so they accidentally taste it but turn them into horrible zombies so they got cured by a reverse ooze canister. Date:October 20, 2012.

Just a another Bun: a bun alien tries to killed PumpkinDude for shooting his planet far away from the Black Hole. Date:October 20, 2012.

Punch Lasers:Lloyd got a punch laser and the laser punches PumpkinDude and he got mad and return it to the toy store but the manager gets mad and tries to kill PumpkinDude with his Punch Laser. Date:October 27, 2012. Note: it was the first episode to have no second episode and was 1 hour .

The Awesome Finale:PumpkinDude and Lloyd was done trick or treat but sees there villians got a match of fighting. but PumpkinDude wins with Lloyd and the another day PumpkinDude turns back into a human and got his name 'Dave" back and Lloyd got cured by a drink. so it the finale. Date:November 2, 2012

Thanks to MeeksMan of the show aired one month.

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