Season 1

Episode Name  # Episode Description Aired 
Life to be no Bully Anymore (Pilot) 1a Jake Dont Want be a bully anymore so he's popular now February 4th,2015
Abraham Lincoln!?!?!?! 1b Vincent tells him that his father Abraham Lincoln is alive and is real his father February 4th,2015
In Love 2a Jake gets in love with an Morrocan girl called Najida Samira February 5th,2015
Just Hate Justin Bieber 2b Everyone of school hates Justin Bieber but Lucy West is Fan of him so Jake and Vincent helps her to hate him February 5th,2015
Buying a Pet 3a Jake needs an pet so he buys an Dog he calls him Barfy February 6th,2015
Internet Shut Off 3b Internet shut off and everyone hates it February 6th,2015
When the Season Finale comes? 4a Jake and Vincent and Abraham Lincoln dont knows when the season finale of Bull Squad comes February 7th,2015
Concert of One Direction 4b Jake and Vincent and Lucy and Abraham Lincoln goes to the concert of One Direction the british band February 7th,2015
Fighting with an bully 5a Jake must fight with Johnny so he get the kiss of Najida February 8th,2015
Camping maybe will work 5b Jake and Vincent and Abraham Lincoln and Lucy and Najida and Johnny gonna camp in the mountains February 8th,2015
Mystery who pranked the Principal 6a Jake must find out who was it  February 9th,2015
Bull Squad gets an Reality show.. 6b Bull Squad will get reality show  February 9th,2015
The TV 7a Jake haves an new TV and watches it with vincent February 10th,2015
Behind The Show (Season Finale) 7b We will look Behind what they doing if the Episode acting is ended February 10th,2015

Season 2

Episode Name # Description Aired
The tale how Abraham Lincoln came here 8a Abraham Lincoln gonna tell how he came here  April 6th,2015
What does honk bonk mean? 8b Jake watches Big Time Rush but he sees Carlos honk bonking Kendall but he dont know what it does mean? (Episode Called Big Time Tour Bus) April 6th,2015
Halloween 9a Johnny and Jake are argueing for get the bike you win the bike if u trick or treated October 5th,2015
Thanksgiving 9b Jake must find a turkey for Thanksgiving November 3rd,2015
Happy Holidays 10a Bull Squad wish you a merry christmas! December 9th,2015
12 hours for 2016! 10b Jake must buy some fireworks but he looked in all firework shops 1 he lost December 30th,2015
Cameo of Nicki Minaj 11a To win the private concert of Nicki Minaj u must get the hidden card in Chippos April 10th, 2015
Happy birthday to Jake 11b Its Jake's birthday wich gift he will get? April 10th,2015

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