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This is the list of all Ducky's World episodes.

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Series overview

Season Episodes Year(s) Premiere Date Finale Date
1 18 2009-2010 September 29, 2009 April 15, 2010
2 20 2010-2011 August 9, 2010 March 3, 2011
3 23 2011 June 15, 2011 December 25, 2011
4 27 2012-2013 April 16, 2012 January 4, 2013
Film 1 2013 June 16, 2013 June 16, 2013

Season 1

# Title Airdate Summary
1 The New Life September 29, 2009 Ducky builds an new office of his own due that he was fired on his former office named Qriblel.
2 Stupid Reality October 6, 2009 Ducky gets warped to a virtual reality dimension where it is the event of his favourite game named Tredster.
3 Wizards of a Distant Land October 11, 2009 Ducky enters in the Distant Land and meets the wizards.
4 The City of Awesomeness October 24, 2009 Ducky goes in the city of awesomeness during his trip on finding a treasure.
5 Animation Problems October 29, 2009 Ducky gets his first animation studio, but he has problems working on the animation.
6 Disgust Monsters October 31, 2009 In Ducky's party he reveals his evil secret which must be a joke and his sister becomes a monster.
7 ZZWhat? November 4, 2009 Ducky plays Jazz Jackrabbit until the ZZT smiley captures him and takes to the town of ZZT.
8 Olson November 9, 2009 Ducky enters in the clay world and meets a blue clay guy named Olson.
9 Duckifference! November 13, 2009 The sequel to the Olson episode. Ducky strangely sees differences in his room until then everything explodes, leading to Prof. EagleEye's world.
10 The Desert Prevelentely Desert November 23, 2009 Ducky gets eaten by a sand monster while he was in a beach, leading to a desert underworld named Desert Prevelentely Desert.
11 Comrade EagleEye December 5, 2009 Ducky sees Prof. EagleEye going to his world and so he gets differenced again.
12 Goblins and Masks December 16, 2009 A halloween-esque episode before christmas. Ducky gets invited to a Christween party until then it was revealed by a oil-transforming girl named Giana's plot to trick and trap Ducky.
13 Christmas Idiotas December 25, 2009 Evil Larson is sick of kids' present so he stole everything and kidnapped Santa.
14 Intranet Part 1 January 4, 2010 Ducky explores the Intranet, Internet's explorable side.
15 Intranet Part 2 January 18, 2010 While exploring the Intranet, he is sudden to encounter creepy things in the intranet, such as the Maze Game prank. (This episode censores some of the things that scares people.)
16 Life End February 9, 2010 Ducky notices the world is ending, but in the end of the episode, it was a complete hoax.
17 Guitar Club February 21, 2010 Ducky makes a rock star club with Fly Guy. Howeverly, Gengat comes to the club and destroys the guitars in order to trick the stars.
18 The Giant Villaine April 15, 2010 Giana returns and this time she becomes a giant fat which is really large than a big area of a city. The season finale.

Season 2

# Title Airdate Summary
1 I Ain't Neglected! August 9, 2010 Ducky is neglected and is forced to find and adopt 6 dogs in order to be sucked.
2 No Snacks For You! August 15, 2010 Ducky's sister Giny is afraid that Ducky would do a mess during the evening so she tells him to don't do snacks.
3 Ameri-cans August 27, 2010 Ducky discovers lots of cans found in america.

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