Pilots 2013-2014

These were a group of pilots to test how many viewers the show would get on RubixTV

Volcano Base: Danny tries to blow up the feared Volcano Base run by evil robots, where he meets his arch nemesis, Botty: TV-14-DLV (Nov. 1st 2013) Deaths: Botty, Scott, Nick.

Elysium debt: The robots buy Elysium for $250000000000 that they stole to make up for the location, and they have useless Heath Care: TV-14-LV (Nov 7th 2013) Deaths: All Humans

Bob's Massive Army: Danny looks on his ad to join the Spec Ops, but sees that "Bob is Building an army" and needs to join forces with Botty, unaware that the Bobs were built by him: TV-14-DLV (Nov 14th 2013) Deaths: Many Bob's, all Robot Antagonists.

Season 1 2015-2016


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