This is the list of episodes in Balls. All the seasons have 25 episodes and there are 5 specials from 36 minutes instead of 24 minutes.

Note: It isn't completed but it will be done soon.

Season 1

Episode Aired Description Debuts & Notes
Welcome in Ballpit Bounce arrives in his new class and meets his new friends. His new friends give him a tour through the town. Debuts: Bounce, Fuzzy, Trans, Big, Mr. Balloon
Lovely String Bounce goes to school and sees Jo who was sick when he arrived. He immediately falls in love with her and tries to draw her attention the whole episode. Debuts: Jo
Wanted Balldit has escaped from prison and attends the Ballpit school as a student. But Bounce finds it suspicious and tries to unmask him. Debuts: Balldit
My Idiot Brother When Bounce has a date with Jo she is ordered to take Leck with her who keeps ruining their date on very awkward moments. Debuts: Leck
He Escaped... Again Balldit has escaped again so Bounce and his friends go after him to catch him and put him back in prison.
The Hasu Café A new café opened in town and the gang is checking it out and meet Cho and his daughter Chi. Soon the café is raid by Balldit but the gang defeats him again. Debuts: Chi, Cho
Teacher Dilemma The class can't study because of Mr. Balloons hot air inside him that lets him float to the air. So Fuzzy and Leck decide to go get some good air.
The Outcast When the class is doing lectures 8 has to do his lecture but Bouncer doesn't recognizes him which made 8 mad on him. And now he plans for revenge on him. Debuts: 8
Stressed The class has a big test in three days but Trans is too nervous to study so his friends try to help him relax.
Furry Ball Fuzzy has lice in his fur but nothing seems to help. So the gang goes to Bulb who has a shrink machine and Bounce, Trans and Big shrink to eliminate the lice. Debuts: Bulb
Second Try Bounce and Jo decide to go on another date to the carnival when she suddenly gets kidnapped by Balldit. Bouncer then follows him throughout the whole carnival to save Jo.
New Chicks A new student joins the class; Bebe where Trans immdetiately falls in love with. So he thinks up plans to aks her but fails every time. When he eventually asks it she rejects. Debuts: Bebe
Gym Class The class goes to gym and play dodgeball today. Girls and Boys are separated from each other. Bounce, Fuzzy, Trans, Big and Leck have to go against Dodge, Funky, Goal, 8 and Strike. Big eventually has to face Dodge

Debuts: Funky

Note: Not all the male students are present.

A Big Round Ball Wedding The uncle of Big is getting married and his friends are invited to come to the wedding too. There they see that Big's family is really, really big. Note: Big's mother is light-blue in this episode. This later changes to purple.
Bombs Away Balldit has escaped from prison again but now along with Bomb. Together they create chaos in Ballpit until the gang stops them. Debuts: Bomb
Evil Genius 8 had created a giant robot with which he tried to kill Bouncer by trapping him in a coffin that filled itself with water. The gang tries to save him.
Dream Catcher When the gang visits the Hasu café, Chi gives Bounce a dream catcher. That evening Bouncer escapes from his dreams and goes into other ones.
Big Balls You are Beautiful Bebe is single again so Trans tries to get his chance by impressing her, but he has some competition. Eventually he fails and Funky goes with Bebe.
Brother Gone Missing Leck has gone missing and Jo asks Bouncer to help her looking for him. After looking through the whole town he apparently was in the Twilight Area.
Bullies on School Trans is getting picked by his brother Deform and Funky on school so he challenges them for a battle. After a week of training he ends up losing the fight. Debuts: Deform
The Twilight Area Leck was gone to the Twilight Area and experiences a very weird adventure there. Eventually he manages to return.
The Other Cousin Bouncer's cousin Jumpy is coming to town but is very shy. Because of that he attracts many girls, even Jo, which upsets Bouncer so he tells Jump how to act towards girls which isn't actually good and ends up regetting it. Debuts: Jumpy
Short Temperature Bomb has come back to life and now is robbing several cafés. They gang discover his pattern and know he's going to attack at the Hasu café.
2 Cute 4 U Some balls find Fuzzy who was walking to school and take him with them because he's so cute. The gang tries to save him from this terror.
League of SuperVillains Balldit, 8, Bomb and Emperor Louse join forces to defeat the gang. They fight intense until the heroes are helped by Saiyan. Debuts: Saiyan

Season 2

Episode Aired Description Debuts & Notes

Season 3

Episode Aired Description Debuts & Notes

Season 4

Episode Aired Description Debuts & Notes

Season 5

Episode Aired Description Debuts & Notes


Episode Aired Description Debuts & Notes

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