Season 1

The Beginning, Parts 1 And 2: A teen orphan thief discovers an underground rebel force and convinces them to work together, even if it means battling the sinister robot Slasher.

Friend Or Foe: At his first day in the force, Jit befriends a odd , overzealous physic robot named Blockhead, which worries Glud.

Molecule, Molecule: Fed up with Shade's rude behavior, Molecule leaves him and joins The Atom Snatchers. But has she really changed her ways?

Stories: Crash And Burn are held captive by The Atom Snatchers, and here interrogated for answers for were Shade is. Both tell their sides of the story.

Glud To The Past: Jit and Haria rescue Luran, Shade's first prisoner, and learn that she was Glud's wife.

I Think His Name Is Emperor Shade (Season Finale): Emperor Shade's past is revealed.

Season 2

Regin Of Mutants

Blockhead returns and insists The Atom Snatcher's help in fighting off a enemy tribe's mutants and regain his tribe's home, Robotopia.

How To Survive A Zombie Robot Attack

Shade sends zombie robots after The Atom Snatchers.

Rise Of The Snatchers, Part 1

Jit learns a terrible secret behind The Atom Snatcher's foundation.

Rise Of The Snatchers, Part 2

Jit must stop Shade after the rest of The Atom Snatchers are brainwashed.

Help (Series Finale)

Glud fears his act of mercy has come back to haunt him when Shade threatens to detonate a acid bomb in the city.

NOTE: Rise Of The Snatchers was going to be the series finale, but due to airdate issues, Rise Of The Snatchers was aired first.

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