Season 1


Rick crash lands on Htrae.

Pet Peeve

Rick meets Spike and takes him in as a pet.

Insane Zebras From Planet Saturn

Mike and Giant Floating Smiling Head fear that alien zebras have brainwashed everyone. Dr. Steel tells them Rick is the cure, but it is actually a plan for Steel to capture him.

Spike Come Home

In a parody of the Charlie Brown movie Snoopy Come Home, Rick dupes Spike into taking a pointless quest.

Ice Hijinks

Rick and Mike are taken in by Manny the polar bear and try to escape.

Captain Scurvo

Rick, Mike, and Spike run into pirates during a fishing trip.

Bad Hair Day

Rick begins to rapidly grow hair.

The Curse Of Htrae

Mike believes Htrae is cursed.

Season 2

How I Met Your Monkey

A giant, mutant monster monkey befriends Mike.

How To Train Your Rabbit

Mike teaches Rick about the facts of manliness.

Mammy, Mammy, Who's Yer Mammy

Spike's mother tries to get her son back from Rick, even if it means destroying Htrae.

Mount Mike

Mike tries to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous mountain climber.

General Gitters

Dr. Steel's cousin, General Gitters comes to help him capture Rick.

Rabbit For a Day

Oskar goes on a vacation and leaves Rick in charge of the Hamburger Factory. Things get out of hand when Manny tries to help.

Rabbit Tracks

Rick is challenged to a race.

No Bones About It

Dr. Steel recreates a dinosaur out of bones to capture Rick.


Rick gets amensia and believes he is Steel's assistant.

Season 3

Recipe For Disaster

Rick and Mike enter the hamburger making contest.

Oskar Goes For Broke

Oskar goes dirt poor when a lawsuit between him and Steel shuts the hamburger factory down.


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