The following is a list of episodes of the children's animated series, Adventures With Gray The Shrimp. Each episode lasts 22 minutes.

Season one (2015 - present)

The first season will consist of 26 half-hour episodes.

# Episode title Synopsis Original airdate
1 The Gray-t Escape Gray is the last grey shrimp in the ocean. Because of this, he is way overprotected by his parents, and everyone in his city. Along with his best friends, Limp the lobster and Jessica the goldfish, he makes a daring escape into the real world after finding water helmets. August 24, 2015
2 Who Wants Gray for Dinner? An unsuccessful but determined sea hunter discovers that Gray, his unknown enemy for years, has left the ocean. He spends all day trying to get his hands on him, but every time he is ready for him with a sneaky trick. The sea hunter then discovers that Gray knew about his presence all along and swears to capture him as his lifelong promise. August 31, 2015
3 Who Wants To Be a Grayllionare? (Title parody: Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?) Gray, Limp and Jessica enter a game show together. But halfway through it, they discover that it is the sea hunter's favourite game show, and he is in the audience! After the sea hunter discovers them, it's a four-way battle in the studio! September 7, 2015
4 In This Town It's Gray or Be Gray Gray develops a strange disease during the night that causes everyone that touches him to turn into Gray. He, along with Limp and Jessica as Grays, set out to find a cure, with lots of Gray on the way. September 14, 2015

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