NOTE: The only people who may make episodes are Theweb0123, IAmBagel, Invader Rob, Sr.Wario, David Cardino, and others

Season 1

1: Revival: Sr.Wario brings Bagel's dead corpse to the house, and he, Web, Rob, and David have a few beers to honor the people who died in the original series finale, but David accidentaly spills some of his beer on Bagel, and he somehow comes back to life. Later, teh gang enroll in colledge. (Runtime: 60 mins)

2: Babysit: Bagel and Pinkie Pie hire Pac-Man 64 to babysit their 4-year-old daughter, Amy. Meanwhile, Web and Rob try to build an amusment park called "Drunken Land". (Runtime: 23 minutes)

3: Sometheen and Boring: Sr.Wario gets the idea to make a show about the cast and thier wives and children.

Parody of: 16 and Pregnant (Runtime: 23 minutes)

4. ...THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!: The girls go out, so the gang have to take care of thier childen alone, and have a lot of trouble.(Runtime: 23 Minutes)

5. Wario is Missing: Sr.Wario has mysteriously disappeared, so the gang goes to find him.(Runtime: 23 Minutes)

Parody of: Mario is Missing

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