This is The First Episode of Bull Squad


Jake Brown must be no bully anymore and everyone likes him and hes friends with Vincent Lincoln


Middle School class 2

Virginia:Ok Class that was school

Jake:Oh Yeah!!!

Everyone Walks Away

Virginia:Uh Jake

Jake:Yes Miss Kazika?

Virginia:You need friends so you must be no bully more

Jake:Be No Bully More........

Virginia:Go Try it!

Jake:Ok Miss Kazika

At School Hall


Nerds:Ahhhh its jake brown!!!!!!!!!

Jake:I Doing Nothing okay?

Random Nerd:Wow! first time hes cool

Johnny Appears

Johnny:Jake!!! Bullies bullying nerds and not talking with them

Jake:Listen im not being a bully anymore!

Johnny Walks Away angry

Random Nerd:He Saved us

One of Popular Girls:He Saved the nerds

Everyone:All Hail Jake! All Hail Jake! All Hail Jake! All Hail Jake!

Jake's Mind:Wow it works!! OMG!! Like im Watching Geordie Shore!

Vincent:Hey Best Friend of me your'e Popular Now!!!

Outside School

Jake:Like this is the First Episode of Bull Squad!

Lucy:Yes The First Episode

Vincent:Well i saw in Twitter that Nickelodeon is Canceling SpongeBob SquarePants in 28 January

Jake:i saw an site the site is saying that SpongeBob SquarePants Not being cancelled in 28 January Kids will Cry if they do that

Jake:My Dream is if Abraham Lincoln still is alive

Vincent:With ur Pretty Day i think it comes

Lucy:i Think Too because nobody in America can find him maybe hes in Netherland

At Home

Jake:But Wait i got an Muslim Neighbor!

Zack:Thats Right im his Neighbor

-Credits Scene-

Jake Puts the Credits away

Jake:This Show is not Over! its almost over!

Harold:Ok Come in and Friends Go Away!!

Jake:Dad you got an new expiriment?

Harold:Yes Son! The HD Flatscreen TV with All Channels whitout buying and ur Mom is Comming Back in the Next Episode you will go to adventure in the next episode

Jake:Okay but this is live action there comming guest roles like One Direction

Harold:Like That! and you will get in love in the third episode of Season 1

Credits by

-Episode Ended-



Jake Brown

Vincent Lincoln

Harold Brown

Lucy West

Johnny Smith



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