Life (in space) Sucks is a 2014 cartoon by Fanon Fun! Entertainment. It is a darker take on the cartoons they make and revolves around an anthromorphic cat from a 1964 space mission who survives and lands in Earth on 2064.

Life (in space) Sucks

Created by





Fanon Fun! Entertainment




Comedy, Science Fiction

Country of Origin





Cartoon Network, Nick@Nite, Fox

Opening Theme

"Life Sucks"

Credits Theme

"Life Sucks" instrumental



In a 1964 Apollo mission, an astronaut brings his anthromorphic cat along. A mysterious being kills all of the members on board except for the Cat, named Bingo, who hid in a stasis tube. 100 years later, he is rediscovered and has to live in a new world with a senile old professor and his first pet Robohop.


  • Bingo: A middle aged lazy cat from 1964, he is a greedy smart aleck who is flawed but does have good in him. He is short blue fat cat.
  • Professor Gerhornhort: An 80-year old professor, Genhornhort is a senile and forgettful man, but also kind. He has 1 child and 3 grand children and is a scientist and founder of Astro-Zoom. He is Bingo's current owner.
  • Robohop: Genhornhort's first pet. He is a robot modeled after a rabbit and is metallic and cold and loves to cause trouble. He is Bingo's "best friend" and tries to help him. Robohop is armed with various weapons and features and his codename is G-PROTO-0001.
  • Blue Hat Man: Genhornhort's nephew. He is stereotypical, stupid, and rude. He has no care for others and hates his uncle keeping ties to him only to inherit his money. He also works as a delivery man for Astro-Zoom.
  • Hollow the Cat: An obese but stupid orange cat who is Blue Hat Man's pet. Robohop is a jerk to him, but Bingo gets along with him.
  • Mayor Renebid: A robot "mayor". He acts like a kind and caring robot to the people with strong christian values, but is really a loudmouthed athiest who is a jerk to all.


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