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Len Guy and Friends 
Title card 
Genre: Comedy, Slapstick 
Creator: Louis Harbauer and John Leadingsburg 
Writer: Louis Harbauer 
Director: John Leadingsburg 
Developer: Tjdrum2000 
Starring: Len Guy, Gamzo, Greenyman, and Helo 
Voices: Louis Harbauer 
Theme composer: Koji Kondo 
Opening theme: It's Always a Suprise 
End theme: It's Always a Suprise (instrumential) 
Number of seasons: 13 
Number of episodes: 268 
Production Company: Dingybird2012 Studios 
Original Channel: 65 (Nickelodeon) 195 (YTV) 
First aired: July 12, 2001 
Last aired: June 30, 2013 
Preceded by: Len Guards 
Followed by: Len Guy and Friends: A Giant Movie Event
Len Guy and Friends is a spinoff of Len Guards by Nickelodeon and Dingybird2012 Studios. 



  • Len Guy: A cheerful, nice, and comedic guy.
  • Gamzo: A blueberry with physic powers, lifts things without hands
  • Greenyman: A superhero that flies without a cape.
  • Helo: A balloon that can make Len Guy fly up into the air.


  • Dr. Beanson: Len Guy's friend and pal. He left his friend's house and moved in to his fictional house in A Friend-Finder.
  • Snail: A hand puppet Snail that loves to dance.
  • Garry: The guy who made Halo 3: Garry's Mod, which is simular to Half-Life 2: Garry's Mod.
  • Bookie: A Book that has legs only.
  • Eye-Brawl: The Undead giant from Skylanders Giants.
  • Y-Guy: A canon character in many Nickelodeon fanon.
  • Dave the Minion: One of Gru's minions in the Despicible Me series.


  • Chai: A red Goomba which wears an explorer hat.
  • LT Fan: A villian from many Nicktoons fanon and Nickelodeon fan-fics.


Season 1

Episode Name Episode Airdate Plot of the Episode
Len Guy builds a House July 12, 2001 Len Guy leaves his house and builds a new one in the Fictional World.
A Friend-Finder July 15, 2001 This is the episode where Len Guy meets Gamzo and Helo, where the second and fourth characters are found and met.
It's a bird! It's a plane! July 19, 2001 This episode introduces Greenyman. 


Film/Len Guy and Friends: A Giant Movie Event

After the sucess of the show on it's tenth aniversery, the creators of the show said that they would make a movie. The movie was titled Len Guy and Friends: A Giant Movie Event, and it made it's premiere after a deep trailer for Brave. Len Guy and Friends: A Giant Movie Event made a gross of 124 million, and it's budget was 2,024 dollars.

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