Lego SpongeBob: The Series 
Genre: Lego Series 
Creator: TSMC Studios 
Writer: TSMC Studios 
Director: Clancy Brown 
Developer: Michelle Rodriguez 
Starring: The Cast 
Voices: The Cast 
Opening theme: SpongeBob SquarePants Theme 
End theme: Ending Theme 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: TBA 
List of episodes: TBA 
Executive producer: Mike Dirnt 
Producer: TSMC Studios 
Production Company: Nickelodeon 
Location: Lego Bikni Bottom 
Camera: HD Camera 
Runtime: 90mins 
Original Channel: Lego Channel 
First aired: 8/05/10 
Last aired: TBA

Lego SpongeBob Series is a Lego Series created by TSMC Studios.


Season 1

  1. Robot World
  2. The Humans
  3. Ice Cream Man
  4. Patrick's Gone
  5. Rock n Roll
  6. Vampires Rule The World: Part 1
  7. Vampries Rule The World: Part 2
  8. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs are Trap in The Cave
  9. A Friend
  10. New Rules for Next Year
  11. The Patrick Army
  12. We Must Get Plankton to Jail
  13. I Was a Star
  14. The Ending
  15. Taking Over
  16. No Way
  17. Coming to Town (Season Finale)

Season 2


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