Left 4 Derp,is an episode in the nicktoon Nicky. The plot is that Nicky and Brandon try to escape Anytown when people get infected by "The Derp Virus". The name parodies the video game Left 4 Dead. The episode has a cameo done by Mango.


Nicky: Hurf.

Brandon: Your bored to? I just finished Cut the Dope,and Where's My Apple Juice.

Nicky: Summa, is boring!!!

Brandon: I know. Everything has been so darn mellow and sad.

Nicky: Me want fun!

Brandon: Well. That is why the TV was invented, my friend.

(Nicky goes to the counter and turns on the TV.)

Newsman: BREAKING NEWS! A terrible pandanemic has come to Anytown. It is called....

Nicky: Eek!

Brandon: Oh,crud...

Newsman: THE DERP VIRUS!!!!!!


Brandon: The Derp Virus? Is that even real?

Newsman: YES! It is real, and coming for y....

(A Derp Infected Citizen bites the Newsman.)

Newsman: DERP!!!

Brandon: GAH!

Nicky: Turn it off! Turn it off!

(Brandon uses his remote to turn it off.)

Brandon: We gotta get out of here!

Mrs. Tinguely: Honey,open the doo...DERP!!!

Nicky: HELP!!

Brandon: To the lab!

(The two run to Brandon's Lab.)

Nicky: I scared!!!!

Brandon: Calm down. We need to find my BrandonMobile.

Z-0002: BrandoCorp not available. DERP!! DERP!!

Nicky: Supa Saiyan?

Brandon: Yup!

Mango: MY LINE!!

(Nicky turns into Super Goku.)

Brandom: That was random...

Mango: Hey!, Look, people!

Poeple: DERP!!! DERP!!!

Nicky & Brandom: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Brandom: Fly me out Nicky!

Nicky: I, FlY!!!!!!!

(Nicky and Brandon fly away.)

Mango: NO!!!! Don't leave m- DERP!!!

Nicky: Are we out of here wet?

Brandon: I dunno. Maybe our author decided to cancel the show...

Sr.Wario: Shut up. I'm conitnuing this!!!

Rob: YAY!!!!

Bagel: Dang it. I wanted to take over Nicky and Welcome to Nicktropoli...

Nicky: Quite! My show,now shut up and quit cameoing.

Brandon: Agreed.

Rob: Dang it.

Bagel: Yup.

People: DERP! DERP!

Nicky: ME SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr. Boom: The Derp Zombies can't get me, because I have made the cure! But only for myself.

Boombot: Sir,Nicky and Brandon took the cure.

Dr. Boom: I hate my life.

(Back with Nicky and Brandon...)

Nicky: We dot the cure!!!

Brandon: Yeah! Now,I just need my cloning machine to make enough for everyone.

Clone Machine: DERP,DERP!!

Nicky: Shuddup.

Clone Machine: Fine.

French Narrator: 500 potions later...

Brandon: Yes!! We can finally stop this horrible virus.

Mayor: Boys,you fearlessly stopped the evil virus. Here are medals of honor.

Bagel: Do I get one?

Mango: DERP,DERP!!!

(Mang chases away Bagel.)

Nicky: DE END!!

(Episode Ends)

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