Personal Information
Species Human
Nationality Americanflag American
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 170 lbs.
Other Information
Friends King Kingman
Various villains
Enemies Various heroes
Residence Elysium
Weapons Various weapons
Paraphernalia Various gadgets
Abilities Fraud inducement
Combat perception
Supernatural condition
Tactical analysis
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Debut The Bagel Show
English Kodi Smit-McPhee (kid)
Nolan North (adult)

LT is an antagonist and villain of many television shows and video games in the Foundry. Given his high-status as a villain, he has come into conflict with many heroes in the Foundry.


LT conception was influenced by a real notorious user by the name of LT Fan.



LT has a complex personality. As a child, LT was a rather shy, sensitive, and a polite individual who didn't know who he was or where he belonged in the world. He was easily moved to tears, which he always insisted was because he had gotten something in his eyes. He was disliked by other foster children and had no real friends until [placeholder] came along. Eventually, after spending years with her, LT Fan's idealism was destroyed beyond any hope of repair, and as a result his personality forever changed. By the time he reached adulthood, conditioned by [placeholder] to continue her work, LT's personality changed drastically as he became extremely focused, unsympathetic, and malicious.

After the events of [placeholder], LT exaggerated his former personality to ridiculous extremes, acting the role of the comedic, happy-go-lucky idiot who annoyed most other villains. This was all a facade, however, so no one would become suspicious of his true motives. LT was shown keeping up this charade even when no one was around. In truth, LT is a sociopath, being both calculative and manipulative. A sociopath knows exactly what they need to do to appear normal so this is why LT is perfectly capable of portraying himself as a happy-go-lucky idiot, because it is all part of his manipulation to cause others to not suspect his true motives.

Powers and abilities

Fighting Ability
Energy Projection
Threat Level

In some of his depictions, LT is shown to possess numinous magic, while other storylines depict LT as a mad scientist who constructs hazardous technology capable of ridding of his enemies, such as his LT Bots.


LT is a fairly tall, fair-skinned male with a bright tracksuit. He is a natural blonde with the tips of his spiky hair dyed orange. He has a necklace with a skull attached to it. He wears an all orange yellow tracksuit with a redish cape and a type of plastic visor covering his eyes. His visor incorporates two longitudinally mounted flat lenses which can lever inward. In his original appearance, LT had no shoes but his recent depictions, LT Fan sports either brown or black loafers.




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